You may not interview a family member. Examples of leaders include, but are not limited to, former or current managers or supervisors, educational leaders, civic/business leaders, and religious leaders. This interview can take place over the phone, through email, or in person.
< < Interview < < To ensure that the interviews yield comparable results, the CLC group must prepare a list of questions to ask the chosen leaders (interviewees). As a team, choose four questions from the following list: < < What are the most important qualities an effective leader should have? < What is the importance of trust in leadership? < What are the qualities you want most in an employee? Why? < Who has had the most influence on how you lead? Why? < In what areas would you like to improve your leadership? < How do your employees react to your leadership? < Have you engaged in 360-degree feedback? If so, what has been the result? < What is the role of effective communication in leadership? < How would you rate yourself at being able to communicate with all your important stakeholders? < In addition to the four interview questions that your team has chosen from the list, the CLC group will develop two additional questions, creating a final list of six questions total. < < Each CLC team member is required to ask their individually chosen leader the same interview questions from the group list. It is imperative that the questions are decided on as a group. < < Individual Presentation < < After conducting the interview, CLC team members will individually create a leadership profile of their chosen leader in a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentations must be a total of five or six slides per CLC team member. The following must be included in each individual leadership profile: < < An introduction slide that introduces the chosen leader. < A justification for choosing that particular leader. < A summary of the answers to the interview questions. < A description of the leadership model with which the leader seems most closely aligned. < Group Presentation < < After CLC team members have created their individual leadership profiles, the group will compile the individual team members’ slide sets into a group PowerPoint presentation (20-24 slides, based on a four-person group). For the combined group presentation, create one or two additional slides (for a total of 22-26 slides, based on a four-person group) to provide the following information: < < A summary that describes any characteristics of servant leadership displayed by any of the leaders. < Other commonalities among the leaders, in terms of values, beliefs, and impact on the community. < General Requirements < < All content sections of your assignment should have supporting citations to strengthen your claims.