Todd Peterson Story

Donny is estranged from his son, who, embarrassed by Donny’s immaturity, has changed his name to Todd Peterson and managed to become a successful businessman. He has recently arrived at the Cape Cod house of his boss, where he is to be married to Jamie (Leighton Meester). Donny learns from his lawyer, Jim Nance, that he owes $43,000 to the IRS in back-taxes and will be imprisoned for three years if he doesn’t repay the money by the end of the weekend.He visits TV producer Randall Morgan, who had produced shows for Donny during his brief period of celebrity, and Morgan offers him $50,000 if he can organize a reunion with Han and Mary McGarricle at the women’s prison. Donny arrives at Cape Cod to try to convince Todd to participate.Because he had previously told people that his parents had died, Todd introduces Donny as an old friend; Donny elaborates with a heroic backstory and, despite his extremely crude behavior, quickly becomes well-liked by the other guests, at the expense of Todd’s popularity.Donny tries to convince Todd to come to the women’s prison to see his mother, without revealing that it is for a tv show, but Todd refuses. Todd fights constantly with Donny about his father’s immaturity, both now and during his childhood. Donny admitted he was wrong for his actions and should’ve stopped him, but he didn’t know how to be a father. Donny joins Todd and his friends at Todd’s bachelor party, a relaxing day at a spa.Over the course of the evening, Todd bonds with his father and agrees to meet Mary McGarrigle at the prison. Donny, knowing that a tv crew will be waiting, tries to stop the meeting from happening, but Todd goes to the prison anyway. Todd, Donny, and Mary are ambushed by the film crew and a disgusted Todd leaves without signing a release form, leaving Donny without any money. Donny overhears Jamie on the phone saying that she has been having sex with Todd’s boss. He tries to warn Todd, but Jamie comes up with a convincing cover story. Later, Donny discovers Jamie having sex with her brother. She pays Donny the money he needs in order to keep him quiet. After receiving a conciliatory present from Todd, Donny decides that he has to stop the wedding.At the ceremony he reveals himself to be Todd’s father and rips up Jamie’s check, and forces her to admit her infidelity to Todd. A disgusted Todd breaks up with Jamie and quits his job, acknowledging Donny as his father and even taking back his birth name of Han Solo Berger. The following day at the strip club, Han reveals that he is dating Brie. He offers Donny the money to help pay for the unpaid taxes, but he refuses stating that it’s time for him to grow up and accept responsibility. Donny is preparing to go to prison when a bet he placed wins him enough money to satisfy the IRS. The film ends with Donny and Todd celebrating with the rest of their friends.