The reading for this class is “Everyone Deserves a Great Manager—The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team”, by Scott Miller, Todd Davis and Victoria Roos Olsson. You will read this book across the course of the semester, and in the last week of the course, using the principles in the book, reflect back on how this guide could help you develop your team in the Community Care Center over the past several months, make sure you are specific on the practices that were identified in the book that you found useful during the semester. The second part of the assignment is to identify the practices that you will utilize going forward in your career as a leader in a healthcare organization and what the specific outcomes you are attempting to accomplish with each practice you plan on utilizing. As this book is your primary resource for this paper, you do not need to make a reference page. However if you draw from other websites or books, a reference page is required. If you quote the author in your paper, please cite it appropriately, giving him the credit. This paper will not exceed 3 pages in length in appropriate paragraph format. (1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman 12 and 1″ margins). I will be taking off points for grammar. spelling and sentence structure and format. This project is due by 11:59.
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Simon & Schuster; October 2019
ISBN: 9781982112097
Title: Everyone Deserves a Great Manager
Author: Scott Jeffrey Miller; Todd Davis; Victoria Roos Olsson