The purpose of this assignment is to analyze both the vision statement and mission statement for various companies in order to determine how these statements guide leadership practices within organizations.
< < The vision statement reflects a desired future state worthy of pursuing, while the mission statement is what is done almost daily in order to eventually realize the vision. < < In your assigned CLC groups, select two organizations, each with both a vision statement and a mission statement. One organization should profess to practice servant leadership and the other should practice a standard leadership model. < < Examples of well-known companies that practice servant leadership include Southwest Airlines, REI, and Aflac. In your CLC groups, conduct additional research to locate other companies that practice servant leadership. < < Once your CLC group has selected two companies, write a 1,500-1,750 word analysis addressing the following: < < Both the vision and mission statements for both companies. < A comparison of both the vision and mission statements of the two companies. Make sure to provide specific examples of similarities and differences. < A discussion of how both the vision and mission statements impact the culture of each organization. < A description of the servant leadership principles or values that are explicitly or implicitly apparent in both the vision and mission statements of the organization that professes to be servant-led. < An explanation of the principles or values expressed in both the vision and mission statements manifested in each organization’s public reputation, marketing tactics, treatment of its employees, etc. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. < A determination on whether each organization is living out the principles or values expressed in both their vision and mission statements. Provide an explanation to support your determination. < An explanation of revisions that would need to be made to both the vision and mission statement of the organization practicing a standard leadership model should it adopt a servant leadership model. < An explanation of how both the vision and mission statements of an organization can or should guide an organization’s treatment of its employees and clients. < An explanation of how a Christian worldview perspective can inform management decisions or practices in the treatment of all stakeholders. < You are required to locate four articles that support your selected organization’s vision and mission statements. Two of the selected articles must be peer-review journal articles. Include information from the articles in your discussion. Strengthen your claims with supporting citations within each content area of your essay.