The Causes of Failure Among College Students

College is the a stepping stone to pursuing your chosen career so, as students, we should look at it with importance especially now that we are having a bad economy, shaky jobs and some serious recession. A college graduate, who eventually becomes a professional, earns thousands of pesos per hour and without knowing, had already saved more than enough for her grandsons’ futures that is why we should invest for our college education. Although a lot of people like to consider college for their future, a big number of college students tent to drop over time.Why would someone go to college and pay all that money, then drop out of it and fail? Students always say they do not have time for social life anymore because of too much stress from school work. But there is always enough time for everything. It’s just about time management. Some students tend to be distracted easily by intrusions like cell phone, internet or television that is why they do not have enough time for studying anymore.Failure can also be attributed to laziness.Another thing most students reason out is that the subjects or the course is too hard. College was not meant to be easy.As a student, it is our job to study because it will surely pay off someday. If it were to be easy, everyone would be getting a college degree effortlessly. Only the fittest will survive and make it through, so you really have to be patient and diligent. Since you are already there, you should have just continued all the way to the top. Some get enticed with peers, night life or other distractions; consequently, they fail and become an irregular student. But this is not always the case.There is still time for change. If you’re looking forward to succeeding in life then you should make wise decisions, make yourself and others proud and mostly, don’t waste your money by making stupid choices. You are enamored by the cars, new houses or gadgets of those you see have succeeded in life and you feel you want the same life; therefore you should work hard yourself and not always rely with luck. Don’t make yourself take the same classes for the second or third time due to the reasons above.