The 3 poems that I will be looking at and comparing are “The ruined maid”, “They flee from me” and “Since there’s no help”

The mood in “they flee from me” is quite sad and upset, the following quote tells us this, “Into a strange fashion of forsaking.” The mood is also the same in,”Since there’s no help.” We can tell this from the following quote, “Since there’s no help, come, let us kiss and part. The mood in the 3rd poem is a little bit the same, but it tends to be more depressed than the other 2 poems. We can tell this from the following quote.“O didn’t you know I’d been ruined?”The rhyme in each poem is different to the others. The rhyme in “the ruined maid” is A, A, B, B, and this is repeated through each of the 6 verses, an example of this rhyme are the words crown and town which are at the end of the first 2 lines of the poem. In they poem “They flee from me” the rhyming sceme in this poem is A, B, A, B, B, C, C, an example of this rhyme are the words said in the first and third lines seek and meek.Ghe ryming patern in “Scince theres no help” is A, B, A, B, and so on. Examples of this rhyme are in the in the first and thrid lines, part and heart.The structure in “The ruined maid” is basicaly six verses and each verse is another part in their conversation. In “They flee from me” there are three large verses in which something else about love or past lovers is said. In the last poem I studied, “Scince theres no help” there is one large verse and then a small one at the end. The first one talks about the death of the person and forgeting them, the smaller one talks about after the person has died.The only poem out of the three that I studied was “The ruined maid” in this poem a few words or variations of words are repeated at the end or start of a line. Examples of this are the word And which is repaeated at the start of one line in each verse. “Said she” is repaeted at the end of every verse and the last word that is repeated is ruined or another variation of the word, which is repaeted before “said she”.The most complex poem whould have to be “They flee from me” it uses a complex langue some times, with words like “newfangleness”. “Scince theres no help” is not very complex and uses a simple languae. “The ruined maid” is slightly complex, as it uses old dorsit type words like “thikoon”.The only poem that is old fashined is “the ruined maid” we can tell this because in one verse the word “megrims” is said, this was the old word for migrams.All of these poems have a few features of them the same as the other ones, but in some cases there are big differancese, for example “The ruined maid” has a few things the othe poems don’t, like dialogue and repatition.