Revision Policy

We try our level best to offer academic help that best meets customer’s standards. Revision of the paper is guaranteed when the offered paper does not satisfy you. The paper is revised freely based on the following criteria.

  • SUBMISSION: For requesting a revision, it is essential to use the button that appears on your page as a personal order page.
  • DEADLINE: You are allowed to order a revision any time after you have approved order but not more than 10 days since the revision was initially approved. If Your order exceeds 20 pages, You can request a free revision within 14 days after approval. However, when the revision is major, a customer will be required to pay additional fee for completing the revision.

Revision Request

You are required to place as a new order utilizing the editing/rewriting button if the paper does not meet your standard 10 days after you approved the order. The company reserves the right to make an extension of the dateline when the first extension provides for such a service.

Revision Major Service

In case the revision request comes with instructions that are different from the initial instructions, including the change of written instructions that were initially provided or the provision of subjectivity-based revision instructions, including, but not limited to, a change in the vision or perspective applied in the paper, a different course of research, a discontent with the content without a specific, solid rationale for the same, and if the implementation of such amendments to the paper would constitute from approximately 60% to no more than 100% of wordcount or effort needed to complete the assignment from scratch, we offer you the paid-for “Revision Major” service.

The “Revision Major” service is offered at a fixed price of 60% of your selected wordcount and your selected revision deadline in case the paper under revision is used and a new paper to be written from scratch is ordered.

This service serves a simple purpose: it aims to seamlessly enable you to get your new requirements to be implemented without paying for a whole new paper and allows to compensate the writer for the work done as they completed the original paper under the initial instructions and are requested to include new ones.

Our guarantees

100% Satisfaction

We will revise your paper for free as many times as necessary for your total satisfaction in case the paper doesn’t meet all of your initial requirements.

Total Confidentiality

You provide us only with those personal details that are necessary to process the order. Besides, this information is never shared with third parties.


Personally Assigned Professional Writer

Your custom paper is developed by a professional writer holding a degree and having relevant experience and knowledge for writing on your specific topic.

Compliance with Your Requests

All of the requests that you provide us with are met in your custom writing. Such a perfect paper can’t but get the highest grade!