Purpose: Having hope is critical in reaching our goals. Understanding your current level of hope and developing strategies to boost hope can impact many areas of your life.
Instructions: Goals and Getting there with Hope
A long-term goal is something you want to accomplish in the future. Long-term goals require thought, time, and planning. They are not something you can do this week or even this year. One of your long-term goals is to complete your degree at ACU. This long-term goal will serve as the focus for this and future assignments. Although there are many factors that influence goal completion, one powerful factor is Hope, as discussed in Chapter 8. Hope is goal directed thinking in which we use pathways thinking (the perceived capacity to find routes to our goals) and agency thinking or willpower (the required motivation to use these routes).
In order to complete the assignment below, you will need to take the Adult Hope Scale and score it. (Scoring instructions are in the document).
Agency scores can range from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 32 points, with higher numbers reflecting a higher amount of goal-directed energy.
Pathways scores can also range from 4 to 32 points, with higher numbers indicating a greater capability for planning to accomplish goals.
Total Adult Hope Scale scores range from 8-64.
Next, you’ll create presentation slides and make a Screencast with Studio or another screencasting software. A screencast is a digital video recording of your computer screen that also includes audio. Like giving a speech, you’ll take the listener through each slide, explaining your thoughts on your assessment results. Your presentation should be 6-10 minutes in length. You are NOT required to show yourself in the video. Just talking over the slides will work.
For help with creating your screencast, visit the Course Technology: Creating a Screencast page.
Here’s the details on the slides/presentation:
Create 6-8 presentation slides (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote).
Slide 1 should address why your long-term goal of completing your degree at ACU is important.
How is this related to your purpose/vocation?
Slide 2 should identify one short-term goal that supports or leads to your long-term goal of completing this degree successfully. The short-term goal must support the long-term goal, and you should make the direct connection explicit. Address the S.M.A.R.T. goal questions below:
SPECIFIC – What will the goal accomplish? How and why will it be accomplished?
MEASURABLE – How will you measure whether or not the goal has been reached?
ACHIEVABLE – Is it possible? Do you have the knowledge, skills, resources, etc. to accomplish the goal?
RESULTS-FOCUSED What is the reason, purpose, or benefit of accomplishing the goal? What is the result of the goal?
TIME-BOUND – What is the established completion date and does that create a sense of urgency?
Slide 3 should report your score on the Adult Hope Scale.
Report your overall level of Hope
Pathway score
Agency score
Slide 4 should report how you feel about your scores.
Do you agree or disagree with them? Why?
Slide 5 should address a plan for building Agency Thinking.
Discuss two ways you will boost your agency thinking, or boost your motivation and energy to reach your goal. Be specific.
Discuss an additional way to enhance agency thinking to reach your goal. It must be specific and one of the following:
optimism, self-efficacy, mindfulness, flow or spirituality
Slide 6 should address a plan for enhancing Pathway Thinking.
How will you build pathway thinking by asking for help from others (your instructor, family, advisor, boss, friends) when you need it?
Reiterate how short term goals facilitate pathway thinking.
Your text on the slides does not have to contain the answers to every question above, but your screencast should address all the questions. The presentation should be easy to understand with very few verbal mistakes. Thus, take time to create the videos and practice your presentation before recording.
Note: Look ahead to the Module 7 Assignment and consider how this assignment will be useful to you as you prepare that final assignment. Remember, the long-term goal is specified: successful completion of this doctoral program.
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