Using chapters from Assignments 4, 5, 6
Submit under the deadline link found under Module 13
Your project assignment (25% of your total course grade) is worth 100 points,
It focuses on researching and examining the laws and regulations that most directly affect Benefits and Compensation
Refer to Chapters 12, 13 and 17
In Chapter 13, from the “Legally Required Benefits” listed on page 474 or listed on Exhibit 13-3 SELECT two (2) of the legally required benefits to report on.
In Chapter 17, from the US Federal Pay Regulations listed in Exhibit 17.2 SELECT two (2) compensation laws/regulations to report on.
ONLY a Power Point (PP or PPTX) presentation will be accepted.
A minimum of 12 PP slides; but, no more than 20 PP slides (under and over the slide requirement will result in point deductions). Submitting only the minimum of slides yields minimum points in this category.
Include Pictures, Charts, Graphs, Videos, and Animated slides (the variety and complexity of these will increase points awarded, and the lack of including them, will reduce points)
Include ALL research sources on one (1) PP slide
You may conduct research using your book and associated book PowerPoints as well as the World-wide Web; however, your presentation SHOULD NOT be a copy of information published on the web.
Hence, please ensure that your PP reflects creativity and innovation. Below are required components to include in your presentation. Additional relevant components will yield even higher scores.
For this Project Assignment you are a Benefits & Compensation Director and you are tasked with developing and presenting an informational PowerPoint for your employees explaining two (2) Legal Benefits and two (2) Legal Compensation laws/regulations; selecting from the exhibit lists indicated above.
REQUIRED – Guidelines For Your PowerPoint Presentation:
Develop your Benefit & Compensation PowerPoint addressing/including two laws each for benefits and compensation for a total of four (4) laws/regulations:
Name your company and tell a little about the company, size, product/services rendered
Define what Benefits and Compensation mean
Include a presentation agenda (what you will be addressing in the PP presentation and its outline)
Identify your laws as benefit or compensation and define what they mean
When were they originated (year) and why were they created (the need)
What are the intents / purposes of the laws
Who or what or when event was instrumental in initiating/introducing the laws
Who was the audience (targeted group/population)
What was the impact of laws (include statistics, if applicable)
Have there been any revisions of your laws since their inception (what and why)
Tip: Separate your PP between your Benefit laws and your Compensation laws
You will be graded on how well you explain/describe your selected laws. Points will be added and deducted based on how much or how little you:
include or omit the components outlined above
include or omit pictures, charts, graphs, video’s and animation etc. (each progressively more complex, warranting more points)
include or omit the correct number of slides (see above)
include or omit PP design, creativity and writing skills — grammar and punctuation
include or omit ALL research sources/citations on one (1) PP slide
There are many facets to laws — in addition to the components above, include as many as you like to present an interesting PowerPoint that will inform your employees and enable them to administer the laws efficiently and effectively at your company. HOW YOU DESIGN (PUT TOGETHER) THE FLOW OF THE CONTENT FOR THE PRESENTATION IS THE FOCUS (KEY), versus trying to include lists of information. Think “creatively”, share information that is not readily known. REMEMBER TO CITE ALL SOURCES YOU USE! If any of the above instructions are not included, points will be deducted.
This presentation will be from your perspective; intended to enhance your professional understanding of laws and regulations that most directly affect Benefits & Compensation in the United States.
Enjoy researching and learning!