Need to choose only one option:
two options are 1) creating two different versions of an advertisement based on what you’ve learned about the elaboration likelihood model, or 2) creating two different versions of a public health campaign that uses a norm-based approach to encourage people to get vaccinated, adhere to social distancing and wear masks or face coverings.
Option 1: Advertising with ELM
Create two different versions of an advertisement for the same product. One version should use the peripheral route to persuasion, while the other should use the central route. The format of this assignment is flexible. For example, you can write out a paragraph or two that describe and then compare and contrast the two different versions of your ad, or you could write out a script for two potential TV or radio commercials (or a video of it), or you could submit mockups of two different print ads. However, regardless of what format you use, make sure to explicitly consider your audience (e.g. if you submit print ads, make sure to include a note regarding what type of publications you would want to place them in and why).
Option 2: Norm-Based Approach to Public Health
Create two different versions of a public health campaign designed to encourage people to adhere to social distancing recommendations, get vaccinated, and/or wear a cloth mask or other face covering if unvaccinated. Your PSA campaigns should follow an “effective vs ineffective” format—that is, one version should use social norms in a way that research suggests will encourage people to comply, whereas the other should use social norms in a way that research suggests won’t encourage compliance (and might even have the opposite effect!). For an example of how this might work for an anti-littering campaign, please refer to your textbook/
This essentially means that you should be turning in one PSA that would work, and one PSA that wouldn’t work. Again, the specific format is flexible. Your campaigns can be designed as posters that will be placed in subway cars and buses, radio or TV ads, or print ads in newspapers or magazines. Whatever format you decide to use, make sure to consider your potential audience and the specific norm that you’re attempting to use in your campaign.