MGMT315 I003 Fall 2021
Assignment #4 (Week 6):
This week we are focusing on global communication. Several journal articles have been provided in the content section to give you some background on this topic. I would like you to write a 3-5 page paper with global communication as your topic. I am going to leave the details of this paper up to you…it just needs to involve global communications in some way. You could choose to cover the topic in a broad way, or you could choose to focus on a particular company and explain their methods of communicating globally. As long as your paper is well written and researched, you can decide!
Paper must include:
Cover Page
3-5 pages content
Reference Page
Reference Page – with at least two references. Use references from the content section for Week, journal articles or peer-reviewed articles. Wikipedia…..Ask…..Forbes….are unreliable internet sources.
You will incur deductions for using unreliable sources. Googling a topic isn’t scholarly research, unless Google Scholar is used and the researched material is peer-reviewed.
Wikepedia is not an acceptable source for this paper.
Formatted and referenced using APA style (see Policies)
Clearly states problem and question to be resolved; clearly summarizes method, results, and conclusions.
Provides background research into the topic and summarizes important findings from the review of the literature; describes problem to be solved; justifies the study; explains the significance of the problem to an audience of non-specialists
Addresses the topic with clarity; organizes and synthesizes information; draws conclusions
Presents a clear logical explanation for findings, recommendations and/or implications for future research and/or application
Is free or almost free of errors of grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics; appropriately documents sources