LSTD 2106 Writing Assignment Fall 2021
The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen your writing and analysis skills. The fact pattern below is the only information, other than the textbook, you may use to complete the writing assignment. You may not conduct or utilize outside research for this assignment. After the fact pattern, there is a short paragraph with instructions.
Fact Pattern:
Tax Collectors are often disliked in society. No one likes to pay taxes, and the elected officials tasked with collecting the money are often the target of at best negative attention, at worst slander and libel. But, as public figures, Tax Collectors cannot protect the integrity of their name with a defamation lawsuit unless the defamer meant to cause harm.
Metro Media Group, operating several different newspapers in different cities and towns, has a Code of Ethics that governs all aspects of newspaper operations and includes the following statements:
1. Publish only the truth – in every word, on every page.
2. Do no harm to individuals or communities.
All staff at Metro Media Group, received the following email confirming a rumor:
To: All Metro Media Group Staff
From: CEO Metro Media Group
An Editor at one of our newspapers printed a full-page ad containing a summary of the local Tax Collector’s academic record, including that he “failed every math class he took.” In an earlier career, that Editor was the Tax Collector’s math teacher, and knew the ad contained false information. The Editor ran the ad anyway, not wanting to cause harm, but with a disregard for the truth, knowing the newspaper would not be liable for defamation and the scandal would sell more papers. The rumor of these events is true. Expect a press release from Company Leadership regarding ethical implications.
The staff at Metro Media Group are divided in their reactions to the ethics of the exposed activity, some find the Editor’s actions ethical, while others disagree. The scandal isn’t selling newspapers, but is impeding Metro Media Group operations due to employee unrest.
You are the Public Relations Officer for Metro Media Group and have been asked to prepare a press release acknowledging the activity and its ethical implications, which requires examination and evaluation of the activity through one approach to ethics, discussed in Chapter 5. The Company Leadership want the press release to be a complete response, including:
· a statement of the issue to be discussed (was the activity ethical or not),
· a description of the rules, law, and codes applicable to the determination of whether the activity was ethical,
· application of the rules, law, and codes to the facts of the situation to support the conclusion (of whether the activity was ethical or not), and
· conclusion regarding the issue to be discussed (was the activity ethical or not).
The press release must contain your name, and title as the Public Relations Officer for Metro Media Group. The document must be typed, double-spaced, and no longer than three (3) pages. It must be submitted to the appropriate dropbox in folio before the due day and time provided. You will be graded on the accuracy and completeness of your response, incorporation of the four elements discussed above, and the quality of your writing. Do your best. Do your own work.