NOTE: This video contains nudity, adult/offensive language and a great deal of violence. If for any reason you feel that you will be offended by the video you will be excused from watching the film, and will be given an alternate writing assignment of equal difficulty and point value.
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What was the major theme of this 1989 move?
2.Based on the suggested web site, or any other web site related to the topic, do you feel
the conditions of the South were overstated, understated, or realistic in the movie?
3.Describe the main characters of the movie.
4.For the character of Anderson, what ethical model describes him best? Why?
5.Why were the efforts of the FBI in the movie somewhat in conflict with the Civil Rights
position of their Director?
6.What would you describe as positive and negative outcomes of watching this film?
7. What moral dilemmas did you see in this film?
8. In your opinion, what was the largest flaw of this movie?
9. Why do you suppose that the NAACP did not fully support this move?
10. .Would you recommend the viewing of this movie again in an Ethics and Diversity   
class?    Why?
Grading Rubric: Your answers are to be typed, in at least 12 pt font, utilizing normal margin width. Each question will be graded on completeness – answering all parts of the question, citing appropriate examples when requested, demonstration of an understanding of the question, in a form which is generally free of grammar and spelling errors.