Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.each question answered no more than 1250.according to percentage to writing appropriately words essay. for example . per question 1000 words and no more than 1250. references needed. Q1 (Answer all parts of this question)“Research design is all about choices”. Critically evaluate the accuracy or not of this statement. [20%]
You have been assigned a task to look into factors causing the sudden jump in profit of your company. What type of research design should you use? Why is this type of research design the most appropriate for your task? [5%]
Should you follow your colleague’s comment and suggestion? Why? What should you be checking before you can decide if you can implement this type of research design or not? [5%}
Compare between cross-sectional and longitudinal research design and identify their relative merits and weaknesses. Overall which of these two is better? [20%]
Q2Many concerns exist surrounding the responses offered in survey research. Outline how these concerns may arise, ways in which they can be avoided and why it is important that they be avoided. Make sure to supply examples relevant to marketing research throughout your answer. Q3Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of using interviews and focus groups in marketing research. Extensively use examples relevant to Marketing Research in your answer. Q4 (Answer all parts of this question)“Sampling has significantly helped the advance of marketing research”. Critically evaluate the accuracy of this statement. [12%}
What are the similarities and differences between stratified sampling and quota sampling? [6%]
What are the similarities and differences between stratified sampling and cluster sampling? [6%}
Under what circumstance should systematic sampling NOT to be used? Why? [6%]
You have been asked your boss to use the statistical way to determine a sample size for a random sampling survey in a marketing research project. Your boss wants the quality of the findings arising from this survey to be such that the random sampling error is within 3% at 95 confidence level.
Using your own words, explain step by step what you should do to fulfil what your boss asked you. [20%]
Requirements: 2000   |   .doc file