Answer one or two of the following questions. Your answer(s) should be in essay form and the entire exam should be approximately 10 pages (12 pt. type double spaced).
If you choose to answer two questions, each question will count as half of your exam grade.
Except for question 11, each member in a team must choose different question(s) to answer. Multiple team members may answer question 11, but for every other question, only one team member can answer that question. You may consult with your team for ideas and to assign questions, but the final product (the exam answer) must be an individual effort. If two team members “insist” on answering the same question, flip a coin and the loser must choose a different question.
Reminder: this paper is worth 400 points / 20 % of your course grade, not your team’s.
Due: Start time on the last day of the semester. Late papers will receive a zero.
Turn in the assignment within Canvas
All sources must be cited.
Answers should go beyond just answering the finite question and explore the fundamentals of the questions. You must explain and justify your answer.
I’m a developer coding a inventory system management project using Angular, Visual Studio Code, and github with 2 other team members. This is my first time coding so I need the essay wrote about everything from start to finish. Also I need the essay to explain how I learned to do everything from start to finish. Thank you.
How has this project improved your skills? Be reflective and provide an honest before and after picture of your skillset as it has evolved during this course. You can highlight problem solving, interface, coding, interpersonal, communication skills, etc. Feel free to add to this list with your personal experience. Be honest and reflective.
Please write about question 11.