Identifying Information – Title, Authors, and Edition (if applicable)
< < Instructions – Directions for administration and scoring. This includes describing how test items are scored and how a total score is calculated and what the results indicate. < < Target Population –. Identify the group or type of individual for which this questionnaire is designed. < < Content – The types of items used and the way in which the testee is supposed to respond to the items. < < For example, are items usually in the form of questions or declarative statements? Do testees usually answer in the form of scale ratings? < < Ease of Use – This is influenced by the time required to fill out the questionnaire and the time needed to score and interpret it. If available, the reading level of the questionnaire should be reported here. These relate to how much effort would be associated with use of the instrument. If specialized training is needed to administer the instrument, the type and duration of the training should be reported here. < < Note whether this instrument would be suitable for use as a repeated measure. Instruments that do not require much time or effort to use are more appropriate as repeated measures. Repeated measures should also be sensitive to change. < < Accessibility-This takes in a number of issues. Tell how to order the instrument and how much it costs. Sometimes one has to order a certain number of forms so you should discuss the overall cost as well as the per form cost. If there is a manual, tell who to obtain it and its cost. Certain instruments are only available to individuals with certain credentials (e.g., clinical psychologists, education specialists) or require specific training (e.g., a course in test interpretation). Note whether or not these criteria are present and, if so, describe them. < < Summary – Summarize the major strengths and weaknesses. < < Implications for Social Work Practice: Discuss the implications for social work practice as it relates to the use of your identified tool. < < References– List references consulted for this report. The reference list should follow APA style requirements. < < Appendix – This should contain a copy of the instrument, if available in the public domain.