I have attached the file called ‘assessment description’ which details the brief more thoroughly. I have also attached a copy of a colleagues work to show you the level of detail required. I have also attached all of the universities resources on this topic. Assignment (Alternative to Examination – Element 011)
Assessment Description
Task One (40 Marks)
In the construction sector, disputes and conflicts are prevalent in projects. Dispute in construction projects
is one of the factors responsible for cost overrun. As a member of the team of consulting engineers, you
have been asked to explain the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms used in the construction sector to
the client. You are required to do the following: (i) Critically discuss types of alternative dispute resolution
used in the construction industry and (ii) Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
Adjudication Mediation and Arbitration (700 words maximum).
Task 2 (30 Marks)
Congratulations, you have been appointed as the project manager for ‘Project TT”. Project TT was initiated
due to a need for the construction of a bridge over an existing railway line. Table 1 provides information
about the activities for the construction of the bridge.
Table 1: Activities for Project DT
No. Activity description Duration
A Detailed site investigation and reconnaissance survey 3 –
B Detailed planning and design 12 A
C Preparation of Site 4 B
D Relocation of services 4 B
E Re-align overhead track electrification 5 B, D
F Access road and ramp construction 1 C
G Piling 2 F
H Construct foundations and abutments 3 G
J Temporary support for bridge deck 3 E, F
K Fabrication planning of structural steel components 2 B
L Production of structural steel components (off-site) 4 K
M Transport steel components to site and erect on-site 1 L
N Erect pylons and fill with concrete 4 H
P Construction main span deck on pre-cast concrete beams 3 G, J, M, N
Q Install stay cables and lift the bridge deck off temporary
4 P
R Remove temporary supports 1 Q
S Electric system installation 1 R
T Asphalt surfacing of roadway 2 R
U Finishing and ancillaries 3 S, T
V Commissioning, formal hand-over and project review 3 U
You are required to produce the following: (i) network diagram for the project (ii) indicate the critical path
and (iii) indicate the float for each activity (500 Words or its equivalence)
Task 3 (20 marks)
Risk management is an important process, central to the success of a construction project. Write a report
on the following: (i) describe the stages of the risk management process and (ii) what is a risk
management plan (300 Words)
Presentation of the report (10 Marks)
The correctness of grammar and spellings would be checked. Also, the discussions and assertions should
be backed/supported with relevant sources. Finally, Harvard referencing must be properly used
throughout. It is important to paraphrase properly to avoid “plagiarism