How to Write Comparison Essay on any Topic?

One of the most interesting educating tasks in colleges and universities is comparative essay writing; it develops critical thinking and helps to extend general knowledge. Students are required to compare discrepant or similar things and objects starting from climate zones and ending with historical events. Essays can have various forms and goals.Such type of papers divides into comparative when the goal is to find similar characteristics of two objects, contrasting if students have to point out differences, and both comparative and contrasting.Your success largely depends on the topic. Of course, you have no choice if the professor appoints the theme, but usually, students are free to choose the objects for comparison. Write about something you are interested in; therefore, the task can turn into an exciting research, which will broaden your horizons. The fundamental condition is common features of the comparative things. After you have made your choice, substantiate why you decided to write the essay on this topic.The most important tip, which should be taken into consideration, is to avoid the obvious. Yes, it is hard when you write a comparitive essay, but this task should be implemented in order to improve your analytical thinking, not to create a list of common features.Give careful thought to the thesis, because the logic of your essay depends on it. Usually, students’ written works have the main statement and should prove it. In this kind of academic assignment, the assertion follows from the arguments. You can point to the full or partial coincidence of characteristics of the objects or the contradictions. This has to lead you to a certain deduction.Use sound arguments. Try to make use of all the scientific works concerning the topic; this will not only make the writing reasonable but also give some good ideas if you do not know how to write a contention. Remember, that research which is based solely on facts and student`s opinion has no scientific significance. Highlight reputable point of views and do not forget to note the works and their authors in the list of references.Your essay should be logical and easy to understand. The author may have brilliant arguments, but if the ideas are expounded illogically, without an appropriate order, such writing will have no value. You should care about comparative essay structure. Start with an introduction; acquaint the reader with the topic, set the mood and reflect the style. The introduction should not be very long; the volume depends on the total number of words, but usually, 10 or 15% of the overall writing length is enough.Beginning sentences make the first impression; the comparative essay introduction and conclusion influence 40% of your total score, so pay enough attention to them. There are many ways how to capture readers’ attention. The most famous and effective is a joke or a provoking question, but you also can use an intrigue or confuse your professor with the deceptive description, which seems to be related to another issue.Some students draw unusual parallels with famous personalities or well-known events, either create unexpected analogies with certain things. If you are a creative person, think about other ways of making an impression; the more original solution you will use, the more likely your writing will be remembered. Do not be afraid to show your style and lateral thinking.After that, write about all the points, which are subjected to comparison. Describe similar or distinctive features, detaching each issue in separate paragraphs. You can use the typical way of essay structuring. It should be divided into two parts. In the first of them describe one object and issues, which are compared; in the second write the same about another object. However, the point-to-point structure is more informative. Choose the issue that is related to both subjects of study and consider all the common and distinctive features in a paragraph.The conclusion should be laconic and meaningful. Summarize everything you have written in the essay. The last part has a crucial meaning because it leaves an aftertaste; at this point, decide which mood your essay will set. Experienced writers know how harmoniously turn the tragic into comic, creating a touch of irony. Vice versa, a mild, cheerful style, which eventually becomes pessimistic or cynical, dramatically draws readers’ attention to the problem.Try not to miss minor details, such as the correct design of your title page and the list of references. Your views have the prime importance, but such trivia as spelling errors can spoil the impression and distract from the main issues. Have a rest after writing and then thoroughly read the essay. Do not be lazy to check the grammar rules; make sure that all the requirements are complied with, and the references are made according to the standards. Remember, that checking can take as much time as writing, so do not postpone task implementation up to the deadline.If you have never written such a paper, find some time and read comparative essay examples. This will help you understand how to use all the above information in practice, and writing process will be much easier.