How to Find Your Passion?

I sit long hours in my closed room in front of my phone screen, hearing my parents quarrel outside Tears are gathering in my eyes “Do not cry, you are strong” my mind pleaded. I waste a lot of time in front of my phone screen scrolling without a clear purpose, just spend my time in front of my phone to escape reality. That’s how I was spending most of my time until I saw one of the motivational videos.This is the first time I saw this kind of video; I was very impressed; this video was a turning point in my life, not just a motivational video.“Goals” “Time Management” “Find Happiness”, These words have been repeated on my hearing, they were really strange to me, I haven’t been thinking seriously about them. But why not? Why not try to change my life? Why not set a goal for my life? Why not look for happiness?My journey to seek my passion has already begun, I started to read and search a lot about different fields, I eventually have found my passion and knew it, how do I not know my passion and I wake up daily to start a new programming lesson?!, I remember my intense happiness very well when I saw the first web page I created; I laughed a lot until my eyes shed tears from happiness.The feeling of achievement is a wonderful feeling, adding a beautiful effect to life, even if it simply makes you feel as if your heart is dancing with joy. To add a positive effect to life we have to add to ourselves first, develop our skills in the field that we loved to do our best in this field. We have to stick to every opportunity that makes us feel accomplished, the program is an opportunity for me to change, to acquire skills, an opportunity for creativity and the opportunity to meet new personalities and explore their innovative ideas.I made a big mistake when I decided to escape my obstacles and waste my life in front of an inanimate screen, But this is unimportant, the important is I decided to change, decided to find happiness, do what I like and Invest my time in developing my skills and unlimited improvement, as the feeling that I am in my place and the world progresses is the most distressing feeling, So I will not stand still and I will learn, make mistakes, discover, innovate also, share my values and knowledge with people around me, ultimately I decided to face my life and solve my problems and not escape them.