GMOs Could be the Cause of Health Issues

Food is very important to the human race to stay healthy. However, studies show that GMOs can be very useful in many countries as said in “Genetically Modified Foods: Are They a Risk to Human”. There is mamy negativity on genetically modified food but there is also many positive things , with one being it increases so many of the nutrients in the food we eat. GMOs have several advantages and it is helpful for the human being. GMOs main purpose is to make more production and have better quality of product.Reducing the level of poverty from GMOs is particularly useful for tropical countries. However, in many of small countries, the food is often low because there is a large number of people living in extreme poverty and there is just so many people in one place. Food is available for so many people in the world, but many people can’t buy them because they have no money. This is an issue in several nations that export food to richer countries.Biotechnology can help food security. Biotechnology can help malnourishment in many places (Ghazanfar).The farmers won’t really need workers because these plants don’t need fertilizer or any toxics. Genetically modified foods have become a major concern and have caused controversy regarding both their health and environmental effects.Using the modern techniques of genetic engineering, it is possible to introduce specific genetic material that came from any species of plant, animal, or microorganism, or even a synthetic material, into different species of plant. This allows a desired trait to be intensified and reproduced. With the world’s population expected to reach 12 billion in the next 50 years, the demand for high quality produce will continue to increase (Whitman, 2000). By growing genetically modified plants with a resistance to pests or herbicides, Plants such as tobacco and potato have had antifreeze genes introduced in to them, to encourage the plants to withstand cold temperatures that would normally kill such plants. (Mishra, Sanjay)Genetic modification can be done to both plants and animals. Genetic engineering involves plant or animal’s DNA which holds the genetic information of the species so that they can add on things to the DNA. They will add on certain characteristics that they would like of either the food or animal. The only way they can change a certain characteristic is that the gene coding for it will be isolated in order to be inserted into a new DNA strand where they will use a transfer vector. A Vector is a thing that can carry the DNA into a host cell. Once the gene is there in the vector it can be put into the cells of the chosen organism. Then inside the cell the vector replicates and becomes part of the cell’s own DNA, which is changing the characteristics.Another issue with the rise in the production of genetically modified crops is the transfer of allergens in to new crops and the effects of particular allergens on human immune response. The majority of dietary proteins consumed and have produce immune response in most people. However, for those unfortunate enough to have hypersensitivity disorders, allergic type inflammatory responses can occur when we have any contact meaning touching or eating with certain foods is made (Margulis, Charles). ‘For this reason, the introduction of genetically modified plants into the human food chain that contain allergens or proteins of unknown allergic potential could be of high risk to the people. Some people think that GMOs are totally safe but other think otherwise.The main question was will these foods be toxic at all? By toxic they meant allergies and other sicknesses. The cells that are in those foods circulate in the blood and cause different reactions. Some can be at immediate in take or just after. Just how may people are allergic to nuts or any other food or animals, these different biotechnology cells cause the same allergies. Some of the reactions can even be life threatening. Those who do the biotechnology can not determine what caused the allergies because their tools are just so limited. It will be hard to keep something away that will cause allergies. The only way to prevent any risks would be just to not create these GMOs.GMOs are not a good idea. As we know GMOs are plants or animals. Many crops do have seeds, which means that GMOs are able to cross pollinate and their seeds can even travel to just anywhere. This can be considered a GMO pollution since it will just keep moving and moving and will never stop. The impact it can have is huge. This can affect us now or even the future generations. This does not only affect our health but other crops such as organic. This will affect those farmers who do not use GMO because it will just spread. Many farmers like to keep their crops natural because there still customers who prefer natural over fake. After uses of GMO it has caused new toxins, allergens, carcinogens and nutritional deficiencies.In the article “Genetically Engineered Salmon on the FDA’s Table” The FDA which is the food and drug administration had just decided to allow “the first ever genetically engineered non-plant food source for human consumption” Taylor stated. These salmons were created to grow faster than normal salmon. I don’t think it is right for us to eat something that has been designed to get bigger because it can do something to us. Not only that but this can harm other fishes because of their abnormality. I believe that they probably experimented on other fishes first. I personally don’t think it’s right to use animals just to experiment. All the toxics can be transferred to humans and even generations.I would just disagree with GMO because they try on animals before humans do. This reminds me of another reason. My cousins she loves animals so she became a vegan. As a vegan you don’t want to harm animals. Even though you’re not eating them it is still sad to see others mess with them. That is exactly what those who create GMOs are doing. Many of us have been eating GMO in the past because there weren’t any labels on the food. As said in the article “To label or not to label” it states “On 6 November 2012 California voters will decide whether foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must be labeled.”This means that before that time they weren’t required to label the GMO products. We did not have a choice but to just eat whatever because we did not know. Having labels decrease their sales because many people don’t like them. It will show them that people prefer organic over the GMOs because after people have learned more about them they can stop eating them. The labels on the product for some people don’t matter because of the money. The poor or low class don’t actually care because as long as it is food it will be food.There are many benefits to genetic engineering and genetically modified foods, but there are also possible dangers which make us think twice about using them and many of the risks to both the environment and to us humans. It is better to just have our own normal food that we can trust. Eating these modified foods can cause us harm in the future or even now. While creating different experiments they use animals which is also bad because they are living things which is not right. Although having all the benefits that modified foods give us more money and more food is not worth it for our health. Our health should be our number one priority.I understand that GMO can actually help the poor because of all the food that will be created I still remain that it will not. GMO would not really help because it can just cause health problems. There are other ways of helping the poor. We did not have GMOs in the past and people still managed to survive. Now if just kept that normal healthy life we can live for a long time. GMOs could be the cause of many health issues we have been calling part of life. Cancer can be one of them because it just happens. The only thing we do is eat so that may just be it. Cancer is also in the family meaning that those genes are passed on just as the GMOs.