Global Warming: Causes and Effects

Global Warming is affecting our world by putting our population at risk. Global Warming is real and it’s caused by fossil fuels because using coal which is a fossil fuel causes gas fumes and using cars produce a lot of carbon dioxide.Using less fossil fuels will decrease chances for global warming to occur. People have used renewable sources and seen a drastic change in weather which made them realize when we use less fossil fuels it decreases the chances of humans to be at risk of high heat temperatures.This means that using more fossil fuels can cause global warming to occur and the only way to stop it is by using renewable sources instead of fossil fuels. We must use renewable sources to stop this tragic threat we can all work together to make our world safe.When global warming occurs, it causes climate change which makes other people around the world to be displaced from their house or be evacuated away from the danger zone.We can improve by using solar energy and wind energy as sources to make mechanical energy instead of using fossil fuels to get energy. To illustrate, hydro power can make energy if it’s used with a generator, and this energy doesn’t require fossil fuels so it’s an advantage.In addition, using hydro power can really make anything move because the energy I supported by any mechanical object. Hydro power doesn’t cause air pollution or toxic because is a renewable source of energy. Lester Allan Pelton invented hydro power in 1829 to create electricity [Pelton 1]. Obviously, it means that hydro power is the best way to generate energy because it does not cause air pollution like other sources that cause air pollution. As a result, global warming is a threat to all humans causing them to be endangered.Cars cause carbon dioxide because they use gas and when the gas burns It causes fumes which causes air pollution or intoxication. Electric cars are being made due to air pollution made by the cars that use gas. Having electric cars will have a benefit in our world because it reduces the chances of intoxication. Similarly, electric cars will have a disadvantage because it will have a certain time that you can use it before you must charge it again. Electric cars were invented in 1828 which made a huge impact in society because they don’t need fossil fuels to use your car and be able to go anywhere. Therefore, this means electric cars help the world and it helps you at the same time because you save up nor money and it also helps the environment. We should use more electric cars than regular cars that harm us.These electric cars can help our population live longer due to no carbon dioxide being release for us to breathe. People around the world started to use renewable sources because they realize that using fossil fuels harm our people in this world. In November 2016 there were at least 540,000 electric cars used in the USA which is .22% percent of the cars on the road in USA. Our world is made of at least 70% which means we cause the global warming to happen and only about 13% of the population use renewable sources.Fossil fuels are the cause of all dangers without this we’ll be able to breathe in fresh air.These fossil fuels are needed for our mechanical objects we use for example, a car we use gas to make our car turn on, but this gas causes the fumes of intoxication to the air. Renewable sources wouldn’t cause no danger to us, but it will be harder for us to get energy from these natural sources.In essence, using fossil fuels make our world a danger zone, we produce the gas fumes by using fossil fuels that cause fumes which cause us to breathe intoxicated air. This makes an impact in our society because using renewable sources will make our world a safer place to live in without having to deal with intoxicated air or heat waves. We should stop using fossil fuels that harm our world and start using the safest way to get energy with renewable sources. We need to make this happen so we can make our world a better place or safest place to live in.