For this experiment, choose a habit you would like to develop or reduce! The paper should be 12-15 pages long of main body (not including title and references), APA-style paper.
What is APA Style?
· BrightspaceàContentàScience Writing Resources
· APA Style Manual, 7th edition.
In addition to the paper, you must separately upload to Brightspace:
· Your datasheet and your raw data.
o These can be as a spreadsheet file (Excel or Numbers, NOT a link to a GOOGLE Spreadsheet) or pdf.
Title Page APA Style.
Abstract (150-250 words)
· You should focus on SCP for the bulk of the abstract and you can add one sentence stating that the paper also includes a research proposal and describe it in 1-2 sentences.
Introduction for SCP (“Study 1”): (4 pages)* Note this is longer and should be more substantive as it serves for an Introduction for both “studies”
· What is this paper about?
· What do we (the field) know about the habit you selected? Why is it important to change this behavior? What are the important outcomes (short- and long-term). You can cite ABA literature or other relevant literature.
· Summarize previous research on your topic, including a critical analysis (strengths, weaknesses, etc.). Include a min. of 4 behavior analytic articles related to the behavior that utilized interventions that involved habit formation or reduction/elimination. You are required to use elements of the reviewed interventions in your study. You may also use the textbook.
· Write the purpose of the experiment and your hypothesis(es).
Method SCP 2: (2 pages)
Participant (you can use the same as from Paper 1! Be sure to revise if you were given feedback)
Dependent Variable (Target Behavior)
· Operational Definition
· Describe your measurement of the behavior.
· Describe your recording method & why you selected it.
· State the design you are using and why
Independent Variable (Intervention)
· Describe the intervention in detail
Setting & Materials
· Describe the steps of the study.
o Baseline (what happens during baseline?)
o Intervention (when, how implemented, length, etc.)
o IOA and Procedural integrity
§ For IOA: if not actually done, that’s OK. Describe how you would do IOA.
Results (1 page PLUS Graph)
· Describe the results of the intervention
o Look at the multiple exemplars you have to help you!
· Include a graph!
· Report IOA and procedural integrity
Discussion (2 page)
· Restate purpose and hypothesis
o Summarize results briefly
o Hypothesis confirmed? Yes? No?
· What is the relevance of your findings with respect to prior research (discussed in introduction)? Are your findings similar, different? Do they raise additional questions? Was something novel identified? Did you clarify something that was ambiguous or missing in previous research? Did your study address a limitation of prior research? What is the contribution of your findings?
· Strengths and Limitations
· Future Directions
Proposed Study 2
Introduction (.5 page)
· 1-2 paragraphs
· Your proposed study should be based on the findings from Study 1. How will study 2 address something from Study 1 consider:
o Address limitations from Study 1
o Change the intervention or DVs from Study 1
o Apply Study 1’s intervention to a different population
o Use a different intervention for the target behavior from Study 1, etc. etc.
· What is the goal of Study 2 and what are your hypotheses?
Methods Study 2 (3 pages)
· See above. Same criteria here; however, you are stating why you are choosing participants, measures, procedures, etc.
· You must include a datasheet but do not need to include false data or graph, etc.
Reference Page – APA Style
Total of 100 total points. Your grade will be expressed as a percent. (*Counts towards 35 points of final grade)
You will be graded based on inclusion of the components described in the outline, your scientific writing, critical thinking, critical analysis of the literature, understanding concepts, presentation of data, interpretation of data. Below shows the total possible points for each component and to the breakdown of those points.