Final Project Personal Self -Care Plan DIRECTIONS & RUBRIC SSC 3020 Psychological, Social & Physiological Effects of Trauma Each student will explore the different self-care modalities and put together a uniquely supportive self-care plan that is to be used in their personal/professional lives following the directions and guidelines. 
On-going Personal Journal: Consider the themes that emerge in your personal journal that supports your personal self-care plan. 
Definition: The Self-care plan is a composite of the values and beliefs held within the field and the personal integration of these beliefs and practices. It is an approach to balancing the personal demands placed on nurses in this field.
Development: The Self-care plan is developed through class discussions, assignments, course material, class activities and weekly journal entries. Students will create a final Selfcare plan/practice to use in their personal and professional lives.
Individual Self-Care Plan: Each Self Care plan will be unique to each student. Plans will be developed through the exploration of healing practices and interventions designed to support emotional and physical well-being. 
Trauma: Trauma is a universal human experience. We have all had trauma in our lives. 
Format: Please write a paragraph on each of the 6 areas. 
1. Please choose of a theme that emerges from your journal. 
2. Identify trauma related stressors in your work setting, future work setting and/or healthcare field in general. 
3. Identify beliefs and or values regarding these stressors. How do these work-related stressors affect you personally?
4. How have traumatic events in your personal life affected you professionally? Identify specific circumstances in your life that may be a trigger for you in your work. 
5. Identify the emotional and physical internal reactions that you experience.
6. Please describe your personal care plan that supports your well-being in a holistic way i.e., mind, body, spirit.