Fifth Business – Proof Mary Dempster Is a Saint for: Congregation for Causes of Saints

In today’s world, a saint is a very difficult thing to come across; however I believe to have found the perfect candidate for canonization. Her name is Mary Dempster. I believe that the miracles of this woman are real, and not just coincidental, due to her unstable state of mind. Mary was married to a Baptist Parson, named Amasa Dempster in a little village called Deptford. While Mary was carrying her unborn son in her womb, she was hit in the back of the head with a snowball concealing a fairly large rock.The impact of the hit had caused her to go to into labor.Both her and her premature son had fought for their lives. The result of the stress that was put on her, and the immense head trauma caused by the snowball, the poor woman had gone simple. The simplicity of this woman is why I believe why these miracles are real, and are not fabricated or coincidental.Mary’s first miracle was the conversion of the tramp named Joel Surgeoner. Before having met Mary, the man had constantly wandered, committed crimes, and constantly caused trouble. After his interaction with Mary, he said that the way she had given herself to him had inspired him. It had changed him completely.The second miracle that Mary performed was raising my twelve year old brother, Willie from the dead. Willie had been sick for quite some time, and it was my turn to watch and take care of him. When I went to go check on him, he was nonresponsive, had no detectable pulse, and when I held a mirror to his nose, the mirror did not fog with breath.Willie was dead. To this day, I still don’t know why my first impulse was to find Mary, but I did. I ran to her, and then with her across the entire village, and when we came back to the room, she simply said his name, stirred him a little, and he had awoken. Mary Dempster had awoken Willie from the dead. The final miracle performed by Mary Dempster is when she appeared to me in Passchendale during the time of the war. I was trapped behind enemy lines, and I was injured and could no longer move. There was a fireball coming at me, and I was sure that I was going to die.Before I became unconscious, the last thing that I saw was the face of Mary Dempster on the Madonna figure. Months later, I awoke in a care facility, and I was alive. I truly believe that it was mary Dempster who had saved me. At the end of this brief, I have included a picture of Willie during the war, as a soldier, proof he had not died at the age of 12. I have included a statement of the recollection of events of that night from Joel Sturgeoner, as well as the picture of the Madonna statue in Passchendale.It is my sincerest hope that you would consider Mary Dempster of Deptford to be a candidate for canonization. My sincerest thanks, Dunstan Ramsay Testimony of Joel Surgeoner: “The night we last met, I was crazy. I’d tumbled off the freight in the jungle by Deptford and found a fire and seven fellows around it, and they had stew – somebody’d got a rabbit and it was in a pail over the fire with some carrots. Ever eat that? It’s awful, but I wanted some, and after a lot of nastiness they said I could have some after they’d had what they wanted of me.My manhood just couldn’t stand it, and I left them. They laughed at me and said I’d be back when I got good and hungry. Then I met this woman, wandering by herself. I knew she was a town woman. Women tramps are very rare; too much sense, I guess. She was clean and looked like an angel to me, but I threatened her and asked her for money. She hadn’t any; then I grabbed her. She wasn’t much afraid and asked what I wanted. I told her in tramp’s language, and I could see she didn’t understand, but when I started o push her down and grab at her clothes she said, ‘Why are you so rough? ’ and then I started to cry. She held my head to her breast and talked nicely to me, and I cried worse, but the strange thing is I still wanted her. As if only that would put me right, you see? That’s what I said to her. And do you know what she said? She said ‘You may if you promise not to be rough. ’ So I did, and that was when you people came hunting her. When I look back now, it’s a wonder that it wasn’t all over with me that moment. But it wasn’t. No, it was glory come into my life.It was as if I had gone right into Hell and through the worst of the fire, and come on a clear, pure pool where I could wash and be clean. I was locked in by my deafness, so I didn’t know much of what was said, but I could see it was a terrible situation for her, and there was nothing I could do. They turned me loose the next morning, and I ran out of that town laughing and shouting like the man who was delivered from devils by Our Lord. As I had been, you see. He worked through that woman, and she is a blessed saint, for what she did for me – I mean it as to say it was a miracle. ”