Fast Food Causes Obesity

ConclusionDo you believe that fast food causes obesity? Yes, I do believe that fast food causes obesity because researchers have discovered that fast food has too many calories on the fries and burgers. I think that making our foods is healthier than buying it. Fast foods don’t give you vegetables that can reduce blood sugar and calories.Fast foods reduce the quality of diet because fast foods have too many calories. Almost on every meal of their menu have sodium.The drinks also have a lot of sugar like Mandal (2018) said: “Children with a sustained excess energy imbalance intake of approximately 2% result in the development of obesity over time.” (para. 14) Also, she said that “A 2% imbalance could mean an excess of only about 30 kilocalories per day.” (para. 14) The average of the menu is burgers and fries which contains a lot of grease.Natalie Butler (2018) Fast food restaurants don’t give you salads. I know that “The combination of fat, sugar, and lots of sodium make fast food tastier to some people.Fast food require little waiting to place an order. Which it could help when you are in a hurry to someplace.Especially on cities that there is a lot of traffic. You can eat while waiting on traffics which is going to save you a lot of time. Like the reporter Renberg (2015) interviewed a another person that said “fast aren’t the main driver that can make people overweight and obese but if you eat too much of them they can make you fat.” (sent. 8-10)Restaurants use too many oil and salt. These ingredients contain too many calories which are not so good for human health. Some people cut their sandwich in half, and then they save some for the next meal that they will be going to have. In my own opinion it is better to cook at home, at home, you can cook healthier foods than that one from the restaurant. And also cooking at home is less expensive like Mandal (2018) said “Fast-food consumption costs were nearly $164.8 billion in 2010. This was a 3% rise from 2009.” (para. 11)References