Fashion is my passion

Fashion is my passion. It is a form of art and self-expression to me. I like to be unique and create my style. I do not follow trends, I prefer to make them. My friends, family and social media followers regularly consult me for style advice. They recognize my sense of fashion.My ambition is to make a career in the fashion industry, create my company and continue my travelling around the world while working and discovering sources of inspiration for my business.I have always wanted an international career. I am also thinking of developing a sports line. Sports garments creation needs knowledge of biomechanics and body movements. To learn more about these, I am taking fitness for life, human biology and sports science courses at school this year.In the fashion business, marketing is everywhere. I am convinced that a degree in marketing will help me develop the basic knowledge on which to build my career and to become a successful entrepreneur.I come from a family with diverse cultural origins and we have lived in many countries. At home, we speak English, French, and Portuguese. I was born in France, grew up in Portugal, spent holidays in Morocco, and in 2011, my family moved to Luanda in Angola. After 6 years, we moved back to Europe to live in London area.Being exposed to different people, cultures and languages all my life and studying in international schools, taught me acceptance and respect for other backgrounds, and to look for sources of inspiration outside in other cultures.I intend to use all that I learnt through these experiences in my fashion and marketing projects.In high school, I am currently focusing on studying English to strengthen my writing and public speaking, math and business math to get real-world knowledge about finances related to owning and operating a business. I am also concentrated on languages, art, science and global studies to strengthen the foundations of my future studies at university.I can work well in a team or alone. I did a lot of volunteering in Angola, involving free health fairs and distribution of food and clothes to underprivileged families. I also participated in activities in orphanages. I like to help others and work as a team. I am usually the one to motivate others when asked to work as a group in class. I am currently helping to organize the coming fashion show event at school.Outside of school, during the summer holidays, I have enjoyed working and shadowing experiences. One of them was experiencing my family?s business. My mother showed me how to positively display products in her clothing stores and how to promote the company name and the products online to boost sales. I liked working there and it reinforced my choice to major in marketing. I also could observe how business is complex and how marketing strategies and effective communication are an essential piece of business development in a company.Social media can be a powerful marketing tool to reach customers and there is a need to stay ahead in the fast-moving marketing world. My computer, internet and digital editing skills are good. To improve them more and keep up with innovations, new techniques and changes I am taking digital marketing online courses.Success in marketing comes from experimentation, and as a social media experiment on Instagram and by developing my marketing skills, in the last 6 months, I succeeded to grow my Instagram personal account from 2000 followers to more than 10900 followers. I am now considered an “Insta influencer” and many companies contact me for collaborations and to participate in their marketing campaigns. I am thinking of monetizing my account by joining influencers networks soon.My motivation to succeed is high. I am going to to be a creative and forward-thinking marketing professional and business woman. I look forward to academic and social opportunities at university. I know I am going to be very committed to college life.