**EXAMPLE PROVIDED***1. You will be finding three(3) new sources (I have 6 Sources to date – SEE ATTACHED) that all relate to my project topic, and meet the criteria above.You have the freedom to explore caregiver-child relationship, such as grandparents, family members, friends.2. Place a title at the top of your paper that indicates the scope of your current interests. This title can be refined since Sources 1 and the Topic Proposal.
3. Provide bibliographic listings in APA style for all three sources.
4. Provide short 100 word summaries for each source (300 words total for all three sources). Start by explaining a few key aspects of the text (such as argument, methods, evidence, and conclusions), then provide a short reflection about why the source will be useful to your project. Note that you need to read each source carefully in order to make these research notes–both about content and about how the source helps your project! In each summary, cite using APA style in-text, to show that you engaged carefully with the source. Good citation etiquette requires you to use an in-text citation whenever you mention ideas that you got from a text. This includes direct quotes (reproducing the authors’ words) and paraphrasing (summarizing the text’s ideas in your own words). Students often forget to include citations when paraphrasing! You should also cite whenever mentioning the authors. Page numbers are necessary when the ideas or quote come from a specific page, but citing happens even when referring to the text overall or in general.
APA in-text citations — also read the links in the menu on Authors.
5. Include a Summary and Self-Reflection (See previous paper)