Essay (30%). You will be graded on one essay of approximately 1,500 words double-spaced. Start early, read the texts, digest the material, construct an outline, write your essay, take the time to proofread your work, make necessary edits, submit on time by the due date [Sunday, November 21] on Canvas Turnitin. Late papers are subject to a 10-point penalty, which increases one point each subsequent day until it is received. Your essay should:
1) Apply at least three distinct international relations theories/approaches to a contemporary or historical issue or event in global politics (terrorism, nuclear weapons, climate change, human rights, COVID, Palestinian statehood, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, European integration, US-Russia relations, etc.).
Guidelines: This paper tests your ability to think analytically, organize effectively, and construct a logical, thoughtful argument. Begin each paragraph with a main topic sentence; each paragraph should have a purpose and make an assertion. You may use any style; if you have not already adopted one, I recommend the Chicago Manual of Style. Some stylistic points: Avoid personal pronouns, like ‘I, me, you, we, our, us, them’ and avoid terms like ‘I believe’, ‘I think,’ instead state your sentence clearly and boldly (ex. ‘I believe that Mars is more nationalistic than Venus,’ better as: ‘Foreign occupations appear to increase feelings of nationalism. After Jupiter invaded Mars, Martians became very hostile to foreign rivals. In the 1930s, Mars even attacked the Earth and attempted to subjugate the Earthlings as a result. Meanwhile, Venusian culture has emphasized tolerance and compassion and has no history of xenophobia.’). Do not (don’t) use contractions and for numbers up to 10, write out (i.e. 2 should be two). Try to follow the outline below. Arrange by themes, prioritize the strongest with examples/cases and logical reasoning, and compare the two countries according to that theme.
Introduction with thesis, i.e., your main argument
-Explain the full essay to the reader in 1-2 paragraphs. Include the thesis/main argument, major reasons supporting the thesis, and a brief description of components of the essay.
Analysis (i.e., your argument)
Theme 1: Realism is the most salient explanation for why the United States and China are experiencing growing tensions over trade and security. [Topic sentence followed by evidence] Theme 2: Liberalism is less salient in explaining why the United States and China are experiencing growing tensions over trade and security, but it does provide insight into why they maintain relatively close diplomatic and economic ties. [Topic sentence followed by evidence]
Theme 3: Marxism is also salient in explaining how the new social class of elites in China have partnered with American corporate counterparts to promote foreign investment and neoliberal trade policies. [Topic sentence followed by evidence]
-Assert your findings (perhaps summarize the main points of each theme from section III) and explain which theory best explains the choices made on that topic, or why all of them are applicable, or how they are in contrast or may be synthesized