Essay 1 Graphic Organizer
< < (Draft 1) < < Overview: < A graphic organizer is a tool you can use to help you develop and organize your ideas as you prepare to write. In our class, we will complete these graphic organizers as your draft 1 of the writing process. < < < < Task: < The boxes below are taken from the main topics in the prompt for Essay 1. Fill in the boxes below with information you have gathered from your reading activities and/or notes to help you develop ideas for your essay. < < < < Tips: < < Include quotations (and don’t forget the page numbers): Students often like to write and go back in and add quotations later. I want you to work on building content using quotations right from the start of your writing process. Writing goes much more smoothly if you incorporate quotations right from the start. < Be detailed: The more detailed and thorough you are in this assignment, the easier writing the essay will be. Sometimes students want to just jump to writing right away, but if you spend time brainstorming and organizing your thoughts, you will likely have a much easier time writing. < Use your tools: These include the book, the Reading Activities, the documents you’ve created with your Familias, and your reading quiz. These were all meant to prepare you to write this essay, so use them!