Emotional marketing tells a story and connects with consumers on a personal level, strengthening the consumer-brand relationship. It can help a brand differentiate itself from the competition. It is also a way for a brand to form an identity that illustrates its values. Nielson found in 2016 that advertisements with above average emotional response results in a 23% increase in sales compared to traditional advertisements. Similarly, Harvard Business Review has found that positive emotional bonds with a company are more important to consumers than customer satisfaction. Emotional marketing allows a brand to tell a story in a personal way that appeals to a consumer’s feelings rather than logic. Once emotional connections are formed, meaningful relationships between the consumer and brand result in long-term, brand loyalty. Successful brands ask what motivates their target customers. Knowing this information can help a brand tailor its marketing activities around appealing to what inspires consumers. However, it is important to note that marketing that appeals to consumers’ emotions must be received as honest and authentic in order to be successful.
Forum: Find an example of a generic or uninteresting product that you feel successfully position the brand. Your goal is to analyze the positioning of the product and defend it to your classmates. What is the market segment for this product? Who is the target audience and why? Do you agree with your classmates assessment of their product? Why or why not?
Here are some ideas of products “Love — it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru” campaign appeals to consumers’ emotion, often depicting a parent watching their child drive off. Lysol is a seemingly generic or perhaps uninteresting product. In the same line of product, Dawn dish soap cleaned hundreds of bird after the oil spill in the Gulf Coast in 2010 (and the oil spill this week), positioning itself as a brand that cares about wildlife and the environment. Marketing built around how the customer want to see themselves is effective in building and maintain long-term consumer-brand relationships. As the video illustrated, Evian water positions itself as a young, fun brand to attract customers who view themselves similarly. A company that strategically position itself to best appeal to customers can succeed over the competition, forming meaningful relationships with its consumers.