Eastern and Western Philosophy Comparison

Philosophy has divided into two separate categories, the Eastern philosophy, and Western Philosophy. The Eastern philosophies are mainly consists of the Asian philosophies such as: the Hinduism and Buddhism in India (McGraw & Hill, 2008).Taoism, Confucianism, and Ch’an Buddhism in China, and Zen Buddhism and Samurai tradition in Japan (McGraw & Hill 2008).The Eastern philosopher, I believed that Mohandas K. Gandhi, Mohandas was better known as Gandhi. Gandhi made good compelling arguments for his ideas (McGraw & Hill, 2008). Gandhi, known for his nonviolence to help the political freedom for India and for striving to instill a sense of self-respect in all human being (McGraw & Hill, 2008). Hinduism life was for humans to live every day, ordinary consciousness to the contemplation of the divine Being (McGraw & Hill, 2008). Gandhi tried to make these traditional values of Hinduism available to all (McGraw & Hill, 2008). Gandhi main idea for the use of non-violent help civil disobedience. This idea not only help India get their political freedom, but it help inspire movement for freedom and civil rights movement around the world like the American Civil Rights Movement led by the non-violent activists Dr.The Western philosopher that I felt Rene Descartes made the most compelling argument. Descartes believed that he could prove to himself that objects exists outside the mind (McGraw & Hill, 2008). He also set to prove that God exists also. Descartes came up with three reasons to prove Gods existence. The Second proof that he came up with he stated,” I exists as a thing that has an idea” (McGraw & Hill, 2008). He also concluded with the second proof that means that God has to exists. Mohandas K. Gandhi, the eastern philosopher, and the western philosopher, Rene Descartes are similar because they believe in Gods existence. The difference is that Gandi was to teach that Hinduism life was for every day humans to live according to the Divine Being (God). Descartes had to prove that god exists by having three reasons, and by all of the three of the proof, “ he concluded that if he exists as a thing that has an idea of God, therefore God exists” (McGraw & Hill, 2008). I have to agree with Descartes, because he set out to prove God existence, and not to say without any prove that he does not exists. The argument that he made was logical, because he gave some evidence to back up his argument. I think the same way as he did, because how do things exists for a reason and it has to exists because of someone and not an idea.