Developing meaningful, effective and sustainable programs in community mental health is central to supporting the needs of consumers. This project will require that you evaluate an actual mental health program (preferably at your internship site). To do so will require that you consider and inquire about procedures in the organization of choice. Your final paper is required to be in current APA format and a minimum of 8 pages, not to exceed 10 pages including references. The steps for this assignment will include:
< < Review program documentation (for example…mission statement, goals, objectives, budget, safety plan, funding, ethical considerations, staffing, multicultural considerations, advocacy, sustainability…) This involves looking at record keeping procedures and practice and management issues. May find a lot of this information in orientation manuals or the website (5.C.2.m). < Conduct a literature review to gain insight into the population served and issues addressed in the program compared to the approaches used on a local and national level. Consider best practices and other sources of support available in the community. Include 5 scholarly sources. < Provide a thorough evaluation of the program. For example, what need is the program addressing, how successful is the program (and how do they measure success), how could the program be improved? What members of the community are not captured by these services? Include ethically and culturally relevant strategies for interpreting and reporting findings of your evaluation (2.F.8.j). < Complete your program evaluation using the following outline as a guide: < Program Introduction (1-2 pages) < Literature Review (2-3 pages) < Program Design considering practice and management issues (5C2m; 2F8g) (1-2 pages) < Evaluation and summary of: (2F8j) (3-4 pages) < Client experience and supports < Staff experience and supports < Community Partner Roles (including funding, coordination or care, and referrals) < Recommendations for Improvement (1 page) < < I will provide criteria, and documentation on or about this program. You will have to provide the scholarly researc