Credit Cards vs Cash

Credit Card versus CashCredit Card is an easier way to use the money instead of seeing how it disappears from the wallet. People can have a better control of the money not only having it in their wallets but also having it in a bank account. Because credit card holders can see the movement of the money for each purchase. Most people tend to use cash when they do not use a lot of money in their wallets, but credit card holders who have a lot of money usually have a credit card.Even though credit cards and cash have almost the same role, there are noticeable similarities and differences among them. Both cash and credit cards are used to pay the salary to the employees, and people can have control of their money.see more:asl speech on moneyFor example, insurance companies usually give their employees a debit card to pay for their monthly salary, but small companies use a traditional way to pay their workers. However, paying with a debit card is easier because workers can get their salary advancement when they need it so they can go to the ATM and they take their advance. Another similarity is that some credit card holders usually lose track of their expenses and the same thing happen with people who use cash.For example, people usually go to the ATM and they get a statement, and if people use cash they have a control of their money when they realize that they are spending a lot of money and their money disappears.Both have almost the same role and they share some similarities, but plastic money and cash have some differences.Cash and credit cards differ in some cases like convenient alternatives and when people want to buy online. Plastic money provides people convenientĀ alternatives to have a huge amount of money at places where they are not allow to have it cash. For example, when people travel is not permitted to have more than $10,000 of dollars, but travelers can go to another country with a lot of money in their credit cards. On the other hand, carrying cash do not provide convenience for the individual when customers decide to take a lot of money. People can lose their money if they have cash, but if the individual has the money in a credit card and people lose it. They just call customer service to block the card. The second difference is that if people want to buy something online they have to have an account where customers have to put some information about payment method and the store just accept credit or debit card. If people do not have plastic money customers cannot buy online. In summary, both credit cards and cash are used for everything. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. People use cash when they are not going to use a lot of money because they can be exposed to lose it. Using credit cards is an easier way to carry a lot of money because people can lose their plastic money and they have it in their bank account. Cash and Credit Card are ways to use money but most people do not use it in the correct way.