Construct a project scope control system based on a decomposed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
This assignment is designed for you to evaluate your ability to plan, execute, and control the scope of the project. You will focus on locking the scope of the project so that the team is clear regarding the work that has to be done; that is, the boundaries. Given that projects are dynamic, you will learn strategies that can be used to reduce the chances of scope creep. When it does happen, however, the project manager must follow the change management process before more work (i.e., scope) is added to the project. As part of this assignment, you will use earned value management (EVM) to monitor the health of the project.
The project scope control system serves the purpose of helping the project team avoid scope creep. The scope is sometimes known as the 100% Rule, which means that only the work packages identified through the work breakdown structure (WBS) process are part of the project. In essence, the scope provides the boundaries of the work to be performed on the project.
For this assignment, provide comprehensive responses to the following items:
Discuss three strategies the project manager can use to prevent scope creep?
What is the purpose of the scope baseline? How can the project manager ensure the performance is meeting the baseline?
What value does the work breakdown structure (WBS) provide the project team when controlling scope?
How does earned value management (EVM) benefit the project team when determining the current health of the projects?