Comparison Of Linux And Windows Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

BACKGROUND STUDYLinux and windows runing systems are package with plans and information needed to run and supervise the computing machine plans. An operating system is one of the most of import computing machine plans which a computing machine can non run without them. Even though they are both of import for computing machine plans, Linux and Windowss are two different runing systems and they have different characteristics which fundamentally differentiates them. ( Web, online ) [ 26th September 2010 ] This undertaking will fundamentally concentrate on the difference between Linux and Windowss, the importance of Linux and widows runing systems, the top 6 most of import difference between Linux and Windowss and a drumhead tabular array of the difference and similarities of the two and it will besides cover the background of the two runing systems.This major of this undertaking are ;To discourse the importance of the two operating systemsTo discourse the top 6 most of import difference between Linux and WindowssWindows was introduced in 1983 by Microsoft and it has been there most success as it has been ruling other computing machine runing systems and it is the most preferable operating system by many people..Ever since 1983 Microsoft has been bettering Windowss runing system with the growing of engineering. ( Micheal, 2004, online ) [ 26th September 2010 ]Linux runing system was introduced in 1991 by a pupil of Helsinki University ( Linus Torvalds ) . The Linux operating system was derived from UNIX runing system. It was called the GNU/Linux because it is a combination of the Linux as the meat and GUN system.The Linux operating was made free to everyone and besides Linus Torvalds made the beginning codes available in the cyberspace for educational intents and besides for betterments. Ever since Linux runing system was introduced 1991 the cyberspace has been advancing the development of the Linux operating system, today many companies are giving Linux runing system there support through the cyberspace and this shows how successful Linux is turning. ( Micheal, 2004, online ) [ 26th September 2010 ]OPARATING System: It manages and controls the hardware constituents for a computing machine.Random-access memory: Random Access Memory.This two runing systems where developed to accomplish the same of import purpose being to supply computing machines with a package that has different plans to assist run a computing machine. Sing the two chief facets of Information Technology being Hardware illustration Device Driver, Software illustration Software Applications, this two are different. . ( Web, online ) [ 26th September 2010 ]Most of Linux runing systems are constitutional support for a device and it is non easy for one to add it in if they are utilizing other distributions without the built in devices but for Windowss users is much easy for one to make it.Windows and Linux runing systems both have similar package & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s like the cyberspace browser, email client etc but looking at the of import 1s like the picture commixture and others windows provides better than Linux.The characteristic of portability is the one which boosts the Linux runing system to be better than Windowss as one can hive away an operating system to a Cadmium and utilize it to boot from it with all characteristics and package & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s needed and this Cadmium is called a liveCD where as Windowss does non hold this characteristic as they are seeking to avoid sharing of illegal transcripts of there runing system.Linux has an first-class security characteristic which is free from viruses and it is non easy to be hacked unlike Windowss which has many viruses and is easy hackedThe Linux operating system supply its beginning codification to the community through cyberspace for them to better it or even add more characteristics to it, to do your computing machine work better where as Windowss does non supply ay beginning codification to any one.All versions of Windows are provided by one company being Microsoft where as Linux is distributed by different companies like REDHAT, SLAKWARE etc.Linux runing system is really inexpensive for waiter utilizations and free for place users and one can utilize it every bit many as they want where as Windowss is really expensive and it besides limits one to utilize the operating system with activationsLinux runing system has an of import characteristic called multitasking which enables one to run many procedure at 1s where Windowss will restrict one.The Linux operating system a symbol of a penguin for designation where as Windowss use a flag of four colures which are ruddy, green, bluish and xanthous.Windows needs batch of memory ( RAM ) to run compared to the Linux operating systemLinux and windows both hide runing system files in the directory which are non to be used by the user.FindingssThey both support one scripting linguistic communication which is the PHP and it can be used in Windowss and Linux