Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’

Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’Comparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’Introduction            In this manner, countries which are locate on the most distinct areas of the world where most intersections of different countries occur are treated by the “big daddies”, or the big countries which are currently leading the International trade, as major points of trading activities. America is among the so-called “big daddies” of the world economy. The said country, being among the economic leaders utilizes much of the resources of other countries and regulates those resources into economic zones, which they say could help the other countries prosper.            Consequently, many intersection point countries are already present in the American list of allies around the world. One of which is the Philippines where the American businessmen opt to establish their company branches. Aside form the cheap cost of labor in the said country, the service provided by the natives of the Philippines could also be considered as an acceptable factor of the performance of company employees in the United States.The partnership created by American Businessmen withComparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     pagethe Filipino company owners indeed benefit the American Business Industries so much.            Another country, which is also an ally of the American government, is the Turkish administration. The relationship of the two countries date back towards the end of the civil war. Ever since, the relationship of the American Regions with the Turkish territories proves to be harmonious and created on peace and trust among each other’s authorities as well as people.            Being an intersection of both the European, the American and some part of the Middle Eastern regions, Turkey is one of the most feasible sites for trading. This is the reason why the American relationship with the said country has indeed been proven strong and continuously growing.            Its culture is considered as an amalgamation of two different and unique cultures from the main countries that constantly gets connection with the said country. The said countries are namely the American and the Middle Eastern cultures. The traditional ways of the people in Turkey along with the mixture of its modernized ways in the business industries, the said country became a fascinating market for trading activities.            In this paper, the strength and the dependable image of Turkey shall be examined and proven. To do so, a company from Turkey shall be considered as a basis of the study as it would be compared to another company in America that is in the same industry. The separate description of both companies along with the determination of the two business cultures of the said country shall be brought into conclusion byComparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 3contrasting the characteristics of both and discussing how these differences fare well in the global business industries.1 The Companies
The Turkish company that has been chosen by the author of this paper to be the basis of this study is Milsoft. The said company is a Turkish Global entity that produces software applications for computers. The said applications are made available through the Internet.            The said company has been establishment during the year 1998. It specializes in a customer-focused system along with a competitive approach of the company towards business. Milsoft is also known for its production of cost-effective, and customer specific products. Through the high quality software and system engineers in the production of their offer to the public, the company is able to utilize fine approach to software development to becoming a more advanced company in the field of computer industries.            Having these characteristics and business priorities, the said company has been constantly improving during the past years especially when it comes to the production of technologically advanced gadgets, which they opted to offer to the public just recently.            Meanwhile, the company compared to Milsoft, is the world renowned Microsoft Company. It is also a software producing company that is believed to have started all the developments in the computer environment. Microsoft has been established by theComparison of a Turkish Company with an American Company’                     page 4