Comparison between five process models of software engineering

IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 7, Issue 5, September 2010 ISSN (Online): 1694-0814
www.IJCSI.orgA Comparison Between Five Models Of Software Engineering
Nabil Mohammed Ali Munassar1 and A. Govardhan2
1Ph.D Student of Computer Science & EngineeringJawahrlal Nehru Technological University
Kuktapally, Hyderabad- 500 085, Andhra Pradesh, India
This research deals with a vital and important issue in computer world. It is concerned with the software management processes that examine the area of software development through the development models, which are known as software development life cycle.It represents five of the development models namely, waterfall, Iteration, V-shaped, spiral and Extreme programming. These models have advantages and disadvantages as well.Therefore, the main objective of this research is to represent different models of software development and make a comparison between them to show the features and defects of
each model.
Keywords: Software Management Processes, Software Development, Development Models, Software Development Life Cycle, Comparison between five models of Software Engineering.increased recently which results in the difficulty of enumerating such companies. During the previous four decades, software has been developed from a tool used for analyzing information or solving a problem to a product in itself. However, the early programming stages have created a number of problems turning software an obstacle to software development particularly those relying on computers. Software consists of documents and programs that contain a collection that has been established to be a part of software engineering procedures.Moreover, the aim of software engineering is to create a suitable work that construct programs of high quality.1. Introduction
Computer ScienceNo one can deny the importance of computer in our life, especially during the present time. In fact, computer has become indispensible in today’s life as it is used in many fields of life such as industry, medicine, commerce, education and even agriculture. It has become an important element in the industry and technology of advanced as well as developing countries. Now a days, organizations become more dependent on computer in their works as a result of computer technology. Computer is considered a time- saving device and its progress helps in executing complex, long, repeated processes in a very short time with a high speed. In addition to using computer for work, people use it for fun and entertainment. Noticeably, the number of companies thatproduce software programs for the purpose of facilitating works of offices, administrations, banks, etc, hasTheoriesComputer FunctionClientProblemsThe Software engineeringTools and techniques to solve problemsFig. 1 Explanation of software engineering conception.IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 7, Issue 5, September 2010 ISSN (Online): 1694-0814
www.IJCSI.org952. Software Process Modelsconcern.A software process model is an abstract representation of a
process. It presents a description of a process from some
particular perspective as:The pure waterfall lifecycle consists of several nonoverlapping stages, as shown in the following figure. The model begins with establishing system requirements and software requirements and continues with architectural design, detailed design, coding, testing, and maintenance.
The waterfall model serves as a baseline for many other lifecycle models.