Comparing Nigeria and Sweden Education Systems

When I first moved, as many people, from Nigeria to Sweden I was surprised by many things. As a Nigerian teacher coming to Sweden, I thought it was not going to be so hard to find job as teacher her in Sweden. But blev det.The first thing to know about Swedish schools is that they have an extreme lack of qualified educators here in this country which makes it hard for me to get a job as a teacher here in Sweden.In my country I could go to a school and have a high chance of being accepted as a teacher, even though I might not be as qualified as others that didn’t get the chance. The main reason for that is because being a teacher is the most respected job in Nigeria.Currently, here in Sweden I am working as a substitute teacher in school called Ullvi. In my country, The (rektor) doesn’t hire substitute teachers in people because they aren’t as necessary and as qualified teachers to fill the gap.In terms of grades Swedish schools are much different from Nigerian schools. In my opinion, I think the Nigerian grading system is much simpler. For example, if you get nine out of ten in an assignment you have got 90 % on that assignment. You get your semester grades by your overall percentage of what you have got and your overall points determine your grades.Therefore, in Sweden, it is completely different.The grade system is based on skills that the student have to accomplish and if they are able to accomplish a skill on a certain level the teacher has to fill in the “bubbles” which is made by Swedish government. So if a student fills all the bubbles in green they’ll get an A, but not filling any gives an F, and filling half is a C. D and B are based on if the student was very close to either a C or an A.My first thought on that was how am I supposed to give those students a grade when.The first thing that got in my head was that how am I supposed to give those students a grade when. Another thing that I found here is that it is very difficult for a student to get A in a class. The skill in A lever is very advanced in my opinion. Because of it, it was difficult and wrap my head around. But now it seems to be right. I know how that works and what those skills the Swedish government has written so to student means.En annan tydligt skillnad the student schedules are much different from the student use to in Nigeria. In Nigeria the school starts at 8 o’clock and ends at 2 o’clock.. Students in Sweden have also to move from one class to other class. But in Nigeria the student are usually housed in a single classroom. This makes that student in Sweden can have different breaks. That way the student schedule is made can be very confusing to navigate in the being for teachers or students that is not from Swedish. But when you got used to it is very simple.The importance of girl child education in that the higher the level of a female’s education, the more likely she is to marry older and less she is to contract HIV. Having a higher education means old that they can go . And get a proper work that he can live with.When I come here, I noticed that they are still many changes that needs to be made to improve the quality of editions system in Nigeria. For insane methods of teaching student need more change. The student, for example, should have some computer in the class they can use to search facts. Nigerian government should also do everything in their power to make more girls go to school and educate their family as well.