Comparing Followership with Servant Leadership

This essay is to inform you of comparing followership and servant leadership. This essay is also to contrast followership and servant leadership. Both subjects have similarities and differences. Followership is the capacity and willingness to follow an effective leader. Servant leadership is to serve and lead by example.How do followership and servant leadership compare? Followership and servant leadership are roles in the Army. A team is made of leaders and followers. Leadership and servant followership are linked concepts and neither can comprehend without understanding the other.During the time of being a follower and leader, both will gain skills and experience. That is how to work with and influence a team.
The Army is made of followers and leaders. The leaders must lead and do it to attain leadership. The followers must follow and do it to attain followership. Leadership and followership are made of Army Values and communication. Without the Army Values and communication, there would be a problem in the operation.In addition, the Military would not function.Therefore, it would be difficult to have one without the other.Leadership and followership can compare in different topics as well as contrast. The two topics are more the same than different. For the process to function, the follower must listen to the leaders and vice versa. According to CSM Cheng, “You cannot lead if you do not know how to properly follow someone”. When all lead, none will follow and when all follow, none will lead. Therefore, both roles are important.