Comparing Electrical Output of Batteries

Real world applicationThe whole purpose of this experiment was to determine the electrical output of several brands of AA, CC, AAA, DD batteries, comparing popular brands like Duracell and Energizer with less expensive and less known brands. The second purpose was to compare the output voltage power of batteries at room temperature versus at freezer temparature. And do see which one has more output voltage. this experiment will help consumers make good purchasing decisions when it comes to batteries, If the best batteries were selected, then fewer batteries would have to be purchased, so this would be better for the environment.Electricity is the force created by moving electrons. It is really useful to our society. Batteries, which store electricity, are found in an enormous number of common devices. We use millions of batteries each year, most of which end up in the garbage.Imagine living in a world with less pollution and fewer viruses, sometimes things that benefit us causes pollution.2 trials for each battery:Electricity is the most important in our universe.,we need electricity for light, television, computers. Electricity is found in our homes, industry, communication, and cars·…Batteries are really important in our society,and they are so many packs of battery brands Duracell and, Panasonic found in many different markets.But the problem is people just pick any pack of battery and throw it in the dump.Pollution is one of the biggest problems people face today. Our air is polluted with gases and smoke. And electricity is the main thing that adds to our pollution problem because transportation for example cars are the most in the world that causes pollution and cars include electricity.They are so many different types of batteries packs found in markets, for example, Duracell and energizer: Duracell and Energizer are the most famous battery brands which people mostly purchase. The brands are known for their “longest lasting” and “best in high-power.It’s important to know which battery is best to use because many problems our society is facing today is pollution and throwing away batteries for waste is making it even harder to reduce pollution. So this experiment could help make a difference to the world and help reduce the pollution problem.We brought different sizes and brands of batteries and we put them into different temparature then we made a comparing table to see which one has more voltage and does the temperature affect the output voltage?There are various types of batteries on the market today. Different sizes, different technology, different voltages, rechargeable, and single-use disposables. So how do you know which to use? This article gives some basic facts about the different types of batteries available.AAA battery is smaller in size than an AA battery. So even both batteries could give same voltage, AA battery will give it that output for a long time.CC and DD batteries: CC and DD are both double sized and have a bigger size than AA and AAA batteries which can have more output voltage.A digital multimeter or a digital-analog multimeter is a test tool used to measure batteries voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). It’s an object to test electronic uses.A digital multimeter is a newer version of a digital-analog multimeter so they’re the same thing but the analog one is an older version and it’s manual.So, this experiment will be a life-changing experience for me and all make buyers change their decisions of battery brand packs to purchase.The reason of this experiment was to help consumers make good choices when it comes to buying brands of batteries, If the best batteries were selected, then fewer batteries would have to be purchased, so this would be better for the environment. Because millions of batteries are used every year, and most of them end up in the garbage, which can cause air pollution. Batteries cause pollution because when they are thrown in the garbage batteries will decompose and the chemicals will eventually leak out into the soil and water, which is really toxic for our environment.So in this experiment, I compared 4 different types of batteries: Duracell, Energizer, Energizer lithium, Ace, To test their voltage power I used a pocket analog multimeter for each battery different sizes and in freezer and room temperature. Before I started the experiment I thought that testing a battery with different temperatures wouldn’t make a difference.Looking back before I started my experiment I said that temperatures won’t affect the output voltage of batteries and C, D batteries will work best because they’re double sized which can more output voltage.For energizer D room and cold temparature, I got 210 for the measure of voltage power.After testing each battery my prediction was correct,but Energizer luthium had more power so D and C didn’t have the most.As my final result, energizer lithium had the most voltage power beetween them all. So, energizer lithium, I recommend all consumers to purchase it. Because it has the most volt power than Duracell ace and the normal energizer which I believe after my experiment should be used more commonly than other brands because they’re just a waste.Since I figured out that energizer lithium has the most output voltage power beetween 3 brands energizer, ace, Duracell, I say we start by not using the unknown brands then throw them to waste and start using energizer lithium. So we can reduce pollution because batteries are increasing our pollution problems so if we start by using only good batteries like energizer lithium we can help solve the pollution problem we’re all facing today.Background research: