Compare the ways the two editorials have used language devices

This essay is written about two newspaper editorials from two very different newspapers one from the “Sun” and one from the “Times” they are both about the terrorist crisis in America that has deeply shocked the world. The first thing that you come across in both articles is the use of headings and subheadings.Firstly in the ‘Times’ editorial there is a statement “terror for all” with another bold subheading saying “the day that changed the modern world” both of these statements grabs the attention of the reader and this applies to everybody because there is no-one that isn’t involved as it is an attack on modern civilisation, this proves effective and sets a good base for the editorial to be started onThe ‘Sun’ takes quite a different approach by having a large centred text box with large white underlined font saying “all the world must unite to defeat these evil cowards” this shows a plan of action straight from the mark” where as the ‘Times’ seems to set the scene firstly and is quite laid back but firm but the ‘Sun’ jumps straight into the mark suggesting attack.This is very emotive and used to give people a better insight and to show how serious the situation is I find this Heading and subheading when linked are quite effective and would easily grab the attention of the reader. The next point I am going to talk about is quite vital as to me this point is where both editorials come into they’re own and separate.Ill use the example from the ‘Sun’ firstly the poem is laid out in easy to read columns with a bold underlined text making a point at the start of each mini section, there are five of these little sections in all each making a very good point and then backing it up very successfully this proves for an easy consistent read using a little background information and then going forward to discuss some very good points.I think this layout and structure works perfectly with the article. I now move onto the ‘Times’ to me this layout is incredibly poor as I do not think that it will be able to hold the attention of the reader long enough to finish the article, the editorial is based upon very long columns of small flowing typical newspaper text the editorial contains no pictures and uses a very mature language that in places is very hard to understand.One thing that I find better in the ‘Times’ is that the article goes through several stages firstly it starts out with giving quite a detailed basis of background information that informs the reader of exactly what has happened it then goes on to give its own views on the disaster and how it thinks the situation should be dealt with. The editorial looks through many angles of the situation and makes good well thought out comments I don’t entirely agree with most of them but in general they are quite good, but all in all the article is not presented in its full potential and this must have a great effect on the reader.The tone in both poems is fairly similar they are both quite formal and both reactionary and both reason to the problem I fell that the attitude in the ‘Sun’ is more of action and overall sadness, and is more of a report into the happenings and the ”Times” comes across as more of a story although expressing sadness it is presented far differently. The use of language is far different within the two poems the ‘Times’ uses highly sophisticated mature language that could prove very hard to understand but keeps with the highly sophisticated reputation of the times and the class it is aimed at.The ‘Sun’ uses fairly common but intellectual (in places) language that is appropriate and easy to understand, which is effective. The use of supporting evidence is of a high quality in both editorials especially in the ‘Sun’ as the point is made and then backed up that is shown very well in the layout also in the ‘Times’ I feel all the points have been backed up well. I think that both poems have represented the situation brilliantly.