Compare Features Of Antivirus Software Computer Science Essay

Scaning CapabilitiesMore of viruses are born in the early and mid 80s merely can for self-reproduction and no specific harm. That make many and many programmer go more comprehend about the viruses scheduling and release viruses that manipulated or will destruct informations on computing machine. At the clip it is necessary to see the anti-virus package to contend these malicious viruses.In 1988 a get offing list name VIRUS-8 was initiated on the BITNET/EARN web where new viruses and the possibilities of observing and liminating viruses were discussed.Introduction of AVG Anti-virus packageAVG is an umbrella term for a scope of anti-virus and internet security package. That support to utilize in Microsoft Windows, Linux, Max OS X, and besides can utilize at FreeBSD calculating platforms.AVG Is developed by a in private held Czech company once know as Grisoft.The AVG is launched in 1992 in the Czechoslovakia in 1997. AVG 9.0 besides got add the Resident Shield, firewall, and individuality protection faculties.The growing of AVG security bundle, include anti-spyware package such as AVG cyberspace work web of engineering acquisition ewido anti-spyware group will happen at 2006. At the same twelvemonth, Microsoft besides announced that it would supply the AVG constituents in Window Vista runing system straight.AVG Internet Security is a full suite cause it include AVG anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield, Security Toolbar, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Identity protection and System Tools protection constituents.AVG characteristics in modern antivirus and Internet security plans, including periodic scans the most common characteristics available, send receive e-mail scanning, to “ repair ” of some septic files, and “ virus vault ” .Introduction of BitDefender Anti-virus packageBitDefender is an antivirus package suite a Rumanian company SOFTWIN development. It was founded in November 2001, now already 13th edition. 2011 version is launched in August 2010,which includes a assortment of protection and public presentation optimisation as the hunt adviser and public presentation sweetening.From 1996 to 2001 AVX corporation provides the universe ” s smart update of the merchandise, without user intercession, and integrated within the browser, scan and supervise all the download files. AVX corporation held the 1st behavior-based barricading engineering, it is the first anti-virus application, including firewall. With the 6th coevals of AVX, merchandise became the first anti-virus application, including firewall, on the behaviour to halt.Feature of AVG Anti-virusOn-access ScaningOn-demand ScaningScheduled ScaningHeuristic ScaningManual ScanningAdware/Spyware Scaninga?sScript Barricading