Compare Essay Between Inception & Interstellar

Darkness, why are we so afraid of the unknown. Many including myself are paralised by the thought of an unwelcomed presence, I dare not turn my back in fear that my thoughts may be real. Although that same compelling fear has never stopped us from venturing into the unkown. Whether it’s being out there amongst the vast emptiness of space or delving deeper into our subconcious mind, two vastly different concepts yet they may be more similar than you could imagine and Christopher Nolan has a great depiction of both in the movies Inception and Interstellar two sci-fi cinematic siblings that may seem worlds apart but might be more similar than you suspect.In inception, Cobb explains how our brains are most utilized when we are asleep.In this newly discovered dream realm he is able to fill it with his subconscious memory of things, places and people making it seem like they’re awake and it’s all actually happening, the however dreams have many layers and are complex in including the deepest layer of dream – limbo (Boston Magazine, Yiqing Shao, 2014), an infinite subconscious reality where you could be stuck in your own mind forever while your body degrades in the real world.Whilst in interstellar, Cooper travels through wormholes altering space and time to arrive at far and distant planets via 5th dimensional beings that “helped” them out. The similarities here are that in both movies we are introduced two interesting and new mediums of sub-realities, and what I found out is that there is 3 planets to be uncovered in interstellar as there are three layers of dream in inception, in which both main leads must figure a way to circumvent disaster in hopes of seeing their children once more.Love is a tremendously powerful and inspiring force and has been proven to be as such time and time again, it is love that drives humanity through their hardest struggles and what brings out that last fight from our beloved characters. And this is something that has been cultivating throughout both the films Inception and interstellar, only emerging in death bed scenes. For Inception, it is Fisher a boy that has big shoes to fill and no one to guide him, yearning the approval of his sickly father that never batted an eye towards him. For Interstellar it is Cooper his urge of reuiniting with Murph once more which drives his compassion further as a father his instinct to survive kicks in, here we see the similarities between Fisher’s will abd determination to patch things up with his father and Cooper’s struggle to find a solution for mankind and get back to his beloved children.Heroes are an essential elements of any film. They do the things where the ordinary can’t and in these two films we’ll be taking a look at the similar hero complexes of both films. In Interstellar, Cooper looks for a new substitute planet to save the human species. In Inception, Cobb tries to plant an idea inside of Fisher’s mind to prevent a global energy monopoly. Although those are the main plots of the movie, we can see their personal goals are actually similar to each other which is getting back home and reuniting with their children once more. Cooper has to fight time in order to fulfill his promise to his daughter of coming home before she passes. Whereas in Inception, Cobb’s similar promise to return home to his children after being banned from ever returning to the country (America).Time misrepresentation as a recurring unexpected result of venturing through these different realities. In Inception, the characters have the great pleasure (although surely not the safety) of taking their time as they delve deeper and deeper into the recesses of the psyche (Screen Rant, Kofi Outlaw, 2012), since time slows down which means to say 5 minutes in the real world would give you roughly about 5 hours in the dream and times slows even more as you delve deeper. But for interstellar time is the exact opposite, as Cooper and the Nasa team travvel farther and farther away from Earth to uncover habitable planets. Since hours on a new planet are equivalent to decades back on Earth time moves significantly faster. Cooper finds himself spending 27 Earth years after merely spending 3 hours on another planet, when he arrives back to the ship the emotional toll was too drastic and Cooper broke down along with most of the audience as I imagine.The similarities here are of that time is an essential key point in both their missions. The emotional obstacle in interstellar is time, as the perculiar effects of gravity manipulates the flow of time on different areas of the universe (Time moves slower for Cooper). Christopher Nolan ( , 2011) stated that and I quote, “ I studied English Literature. I wasn’t a very good student, but one thing I did get from it, while I was making films at the same time with the college film society, was that I started thinking about the narrative freedoms that authors had enjoyed for centuries and it seemed to me that filmmakers should enjoy those freedoms as well.”And narrate freely he did. Entirely original films that are becoming increasingly rare among the output of the other studios. Christopher Nolan is now one of the biggest names in the movie industry boasting blockbuster movies to his name, such as Interstellar and Inception (Den of Geek, Ryan Lambie, 2014). Two mind warping movies that blasted its way through the movie screens and imprinting itself into our minds and hearts, challenging the very way we perceive the world around us.Reference List:1. Interstellar. ( 2014, 5th November ). Retrieved April 6, 2015, from Incpetion. ( 2012, 2nd June ). Retrieved April 6, 2015, from