College Life of Single Students versus College Life of Married Students

The college life of single students is much easier on different levels as compared with the college life of married students. A majority of people are of the assumption that when married and in college, your social life will go down the gutter. While this is true to some extent, it paints a bad picture of the whole idea of marrying while in college. For a college-going single student and a college-going married student, their chances of learning are all the same.The difference, however, comes in with issues of residence, social life, hardships, university experience, and issues of finance. When these issues are compared between a married and single college going student, the fact remains that being single while in college offers a lot of opportunities to the student. College life of single students is generally less-stressful compared to college life of married students.The process of gaining scholarships or college financial aid is difficult for married students than for single students.Single students have a much easier access to scholarships as they are taken as students without a flowing income. In registering for financial aid, they will only have to state their parent’s income. However, for married students the situation is different. The government ceases recognizing the couple as under their parents. They are now independent individuals. They, therefore, state their spouses’ income as a prerequisite for receiving government financial aid ( In addition, financial aid for married students does not come easy as various regulations are placed for them to acquire a loan or aid.A married life in college is full of hardships as compared with a single life. A married life in college is not as rosy as a single college life this considering the many responsibilities heaped upon married individuals. Married individuals rarely find time to engage in the idle activities that most single individuals have as they are busy handling issues that come with getting married ( Some married individuals have to concentrate on their families, find alternate ways of getting income, spend time with their spouses or generally spend time at home reading or researching. At the end of doing all these activities, they are expected to regularly attend classes. On the other hand, a number of single students often find a lot of free time at their disposal. They have no urgent issues to attend to, thus mostly live a freer lifestyle compared with their married counterparts. For those that are married while in college and have a kid to look after, life is too hard. Having a child and still have to juggle between going to classes and taking care of the younger one is one hardship that a majority of married couples finds it hard to bear. Women especially are denied that one chance that most mothers dare not miss, to bond with the child so when classes are over, they have to rush back at home. Men too as fathers, join in the activity. They will rarely miss being at home with their children. Single college-going students, of course, have no such hardships that take their total attention and time. Another hardship common of college going married couples is accommodation. Mostly, accommodation within the campus is preferred by single students that have no issue sharing rooms with total strangers. For married couples, this is unacceptable for they will prefer off-campus accommodation where they can comfortably live with their spouses. In some cases, most married couples live far off campus and have to drive or commute to school on a daily basis which can be hectic for a majority. The issue here is not being provided with on-campus accommodation, but rather the fact that they have to lose hours driving, a period of time they can otherwise expend doing useful class work.A married life in college is socially limiting. Most married men or women in campus are in a life of their own. They have a lot to think about and many places to be at the same time that they rarely have time to socialize or engage in events that run within the school. It is acceptable considering that they have families to think about ( On the other hand, single students are everywhere quite literally. They are to be found in whatever events that happen on the campus whether academic or not. This places their socializing level at an extreme high. Secondly, since most married couples stay off-campus, they live in seclusion to the going-ons within campus. Once class breaks, the majority will rush to their cars and zoom off campus only to reappear in the next class. This gives them a limited time to interact with the students or with the campus environment. For single college students, however, their whole campus life is within the campus. Although they may take some time during the day off-campus, they mostly spend their day inside the campus since they live there. While in campus, they interact with their fellows and also the campus environment, and in the process getting to know more about their college and the students in general. Such knowledge escapes those that are married. Lastly, there exists a notion among most students that married students are boring or are not hype given they are like “our parents” or are taken. This rumor has made most married students being given the cold shoulder or just plain avoided. Their interaction with the students in such a case has been hindered by the attitude the students hold towards them just because they are married ( For the single students, however, they highly socialize amongst themselves. Some believe that college is the best place to get a suitable wife or husband; hence, if one is not married, one should expect to be accorded a lot of attention by the students of the opposite sex.In conclusion, single life on campus is easier compared with married life. Single life in college offers freedom while when married, one has to juggle a lot of responsibilities. For married individuals, attending college can be stressful considering that they have to drive daily to school, they have to balance school and family, and at the same time have to think about money to pay bills back at home. In addition to this, married students have a difficult time getting financial assistance and when they do, the money is regulated. This occurs while single students are sponsored by the government and their parents or guardians, hence have enough money at their disposal, have nothing but books to think about, and generally have sufficient time to interact with their friends, peers, and environment in campus. With this in mind, I recommend that students rethink their stand on early marriage. Considering the discussion, students should choose to marry and settle once they have completed their degree or their course on campus. This is in light of the fact that they might make their experience in college hard to go by should they choose an early marriage and continues their course while Students who Marry. Nov 1999. Web Dec 4 2014. Retrieved from Exlorer. Married College Students. 2014. Web Dec 4 2014. Retrieved from document