Civilizations are unbalanced because they are not celestial they

Civilizations are unbalanced because they are not celestial; they are not natural in the individuals of the races. They must be nurtured by the mutual aid of the constitutive factors of man discipline, ethics, and religious conviction. Civilizations come and go, but discipline, ethics, and religious conviction always live the crash. Jesus not only exposed God to man, but he also made a new revelation of man to himself and two other men. In Jesus life you can see man at his best.Man thus becomes so wonderfully real because Jesus had so much of God in his life, and the consciousness of God is immutable and constitutive in all men.Unselfishness, aside from parental intuition, is not in general natural; other persons are not obviously loved or within society served. It requires the illumination of reason, morality, and the urge of belief, God – knowingness, to create an selfless and unselfish social order. Man’s own behavior awareness, self-consciousness, is also directly reliant on this very fact of innate other-awareness, this inherent ability to identify and grasp the realism of other qualities, ranging from the human to the divineIn human self – consciousness four universe – reality realizations are embryonic and intrinsic: The search for knowledge, the logic of science, moral value, the sense of duty, spiritual value and the religious experience.You become conscious of man as your creature brother because you are already very conscious of God as your creator father or God as the almighty created Man. Fatherhood is the reason for understanding the relationship of Brotherhood is recognized by self-consciousness. And fatherhood becomes more attachment or relationship of father becomes more reality it is an universal truth of all moral creatures because he is the one who bestowed all his blessings on each personality upon all suc beings and as encircuited them within the grasp of the universal personality circuit.To most people a wealthy person, community or nation is one that is ‘rich’ in the sense of possessing assets or money which constitutes material gain. The word ‘wealth’ originally meant state of well-being. The amassing of money may support in the achievement of a kind of cheerfulness to some level, but does not in itself fetch total fulfillment. Where most men of vast mean fail is when they confuse the means with the end. They doesn’t understand the nature, sense and proper task of wealth that is simply a means by which one can gain the end of supreme happiness. But one can be happy without being rich. An old Chinese tale will illustrate this.Once there was a king who wanted to know how to be truly happy. One of his ministers advised him to wear the shirt of a man who was truly happy if he would do it, e can be happy. He was searching for a man after a long time e found a happiest man, but the happy man does not have shirt to give the king. Wealth should used well and wisely. It should be used for one’s welfare as well as that of others. If a person spends his valuable time cling to his properties or belongings without rewarding his obligation towards his country, people, religion, fellowmen. He will lead an empty life without happiness and his filled with worries.Too many people are fanatical with material gain, to the position that they forget their liability to their families and associate beings. Happiness is a strange thing. The more you share it, the more you get satisfaction. If one is selfish, when the time comes for one to leave the world, one will realize too late that one had not made full use of his or her wealth. There is no one, even a wealthy person, will have really benefited from the riches so painstakingly accumulated.Nakulamata and Nakulapitaare his disciple who were considered most reputed for having lived together cordially for a long time. The Buddha praised them and gave instructions to others as to how they too could live happily in marriage. These commands given above two thousand five hundred years ago hold high-quality even to this day. Much misery has been experienced in modern times by men and women in married life because they deviated from these instructions.The institution of marriage in ancient India was governed by the concept of caste, the position of women, the rights of men and the four stages of the individual’s life. The Buddha’s refusal of the idea of the caste system meant that the Buddhist institution of marriage was liberated from these inflexible and rigid rules, system and rituals which had become a great impediment to the free and neutral behavior of the members of citizens both male and female.The discussion of rudiments of Buddhist Social Ethic, Sigalovada Sutra generally lays down the essential pattern of relationships between husband and wife, parents and children, and enumerates the retaliation duties that bind them together emphasizing the most necessary aspects of their ordinary life. The Buddhist institution of marriage outlined wide-ranging lessons on the Buddha’s teaching clearly shows that was intended for the gratification, advertising and moralization of biological needs, psychological pleasure and material happiness of both husband and wife without any allusion to explicit society, sacraments or any type of beliefs, spiritual or otherwise.According to Buddha, cultural compatibility between husband and wife was considered as one of the factors of successful married life. Many of today’s problems in marriage occur from the incapability of the parties worried to identify the sacrifices involved. Marriage is not simply lust and romance. Love is a fanatical and enduring wish, on the part of two people, to produce together circumstances under which each can express his of her real self or feeling and to produce together an rational soil and an exciting climate in which each can thrive, far superior to what either could accomplish alone.In the past we heard of ecstatically wedded couples who mutually understood and shared the sweetness of love earned through years of being together, for better or for worse. For the majority who have been long-married couples, blissfully and happly ever after did not just happen. Couples or companion in long, happy marriages are mentioned in fact of life when someone asked what made their relationships a success. We worked to keep the romance alive. We enjoyed our differences and learned from them. We uttered our discontents liberally and deal with them accurately away instead of letting them erect into thunderclouds. But in a way, the thing all successful couples have in the common was reflected in this observation: Even when things were really bad, we were both too stubborn to quit. Perhaps what characterizes modern couples with problems is that they want things to work out too easily as it happens on television. No, everything good must be earned through hard work.For many the road to marital longevity has not been soothed. The bumps integrated several things: incapability to have children, the death of a child, a disabled child. Economic crisis is very difficult and highly worrying or stressful career changes. Even though nothing rather than couples surveyed said so expressly it was understandable that two other factors were significant to their married success. Firstly, even though some couples forced important differences in individuality or qualities and sometimes carried heavy emotional or personal belongings, they maintained esteem for one another always and refrained from annoying to remake their partners.Now of course both parties were erroneous because their prospect different and they were reluctant to cooperation. Secondly, none of the marriages was marred by psychological turbulence too stern to preclude a true partnership. There was a womenwho always used to affront her husband even for a trivial mistake stating: You are a unintelligent man. The husband on the other hand was a broadminded man. To attain a successful marriage, couples also need to understand and they need to share thoughts each other without any ego and accept the differences between the two genders. Couples sometimes become disturbed or annoyed with each other and wish that their spouse was more like them.It makes the frequently human insight of our reality as the core of space activity just laughable. You always know the most about your own locality or neighborhood. But that also leads you to conclude your neighborhood is somehow important. So delight think about this for huge numbers of humans, our discernment, our daily life, is determined by self-importance, a remarkable require of humility, unawareness of even lack of interest in a superior context of existence which our machinery of investigation have brought into brittle focus, and for many, a intellect that acceptance God is the righteous and reassuring thing to do but does not require taking time to look at the magnificence beyond Earth. And while we burn precious, non-renewable calories watching reality television, following the lives of the rich and famous, acquiring lots of things, deciding which of us is better or more worthy or more ethical, and buying into the indistinct views of what our societies have our children cuddle as heroes and role models, our world the spacecraft that affords us the view of magnificence is coming under harass.The microbes called human kill one another because each group, each traditions, thinks they are more imperative than the other. It is self-importance taken to the excessive. Their expedient technology is modifying the atmosphere of the planet, not only threatening their survival for generations to come, but puts at serious risk countless species that don’t have the gift of recognizing the magnificence of the cosmos. Watch the Earth which recedes into the cold and black void of space. Imagine the nearly 7 billion humans scurrying around on its exterior. Since their technology, they are now, by natural decree, stewards of this spaceship for good or ill. For if this tiny blue world is laid to ravage, the geologic Age of superiority will be over, the rest of the world will surely not care and I fear God will not come to the save.