Change is the only constant…
Take an existing organisation and write the brief that enables it to pivot.In the commercial world being able to explain your thinking in simple communications is critical to growth, attraction of clients and survival in an ever changing business environment.You are required to find an organisation, charity or business you connect with. One that means something to you.
This must be an existing entity but it can be an SME, growing enterprise or international corporation.The challengeYou can choose to look at a brand led project, advertising campaign or website project offering services or digital interactions as a basis.Your organisation or business has decided that a key pivot of focus must happen due to a change in audience, competition or business environment. You must write the brief that will be answered by creative agencies to solve this communications and organisational challenge.In this taskThis is an individual task that counts towards your final mark and is purposefully designed to help you use the theory we will cover in a practical, real world way.Think about a organisational task that needs your attention, then produce a briefing document no longer than 5 pages that is clearly laid out and is well presented with diagrams and key points called out. (Creatives often have a short attention span!)What is the organisations current purpose and how will this shift?
Why is this change happening and why would the audience benefit?
What is the promise, the single minded proposition related to the project
What channels, methods and resources must be orchestrated to communicate this change creatively?
Why would the audience engage, take notice and care?
Present this as an a4 document in Powerpoint or Word or as a canva presentation. This document should be 5 pages long (with additional references and notes as required) and will show thinking, development, background information and your proposed personal single minded proposition so you are ready to brief an agency or creative team.