Causes of Unemployment

There are many quotes about unemployment according to Calvin Coolidge unemployment occurs ‘’When large numbers of men are unable to find work unemployment results’’. According to Frank P. Louchheim , ’’An ‘acceptable’ level of unemployment means that the government economist to whom it is acceptable still has a job’’. While George Walker Bush said, ‘’In the long run, the right answer to unemployment is to create more jobs’’. Keeping the above quotations in mind. Unemployment may be defined as. ‘’When there is the shortage of job and people are not able to find work that is when unemployment occurs’’.(94 Words)The presence of many problematic factors can result in unemployment. Firstly illiteracy the lack of education or the state of being unable to read or write is a very big cause of unemployment. Due to illiteracy people do not know how to find and do jobs. Secondly bribery refers to the offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving of any item of value as a means of influencing the actions of an individual holding a public or legal duty.By the help of bribery people with more money are able to get jobs they do not deserve hence not letting the people who deserve get them. Thirdly One more problem of unemployment and under-employment is nepotism and favoritism. It means selection according to relation not according to ability. Here deserving candidates do not get jobs and remain unemployed.Than poverty the state of having little or no money is also a serious cause of unemployment. Poor persons due to lack of income has low saving and shortage in investment. So, they are unable to established self-employment opportunities. After that corruption the dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power yields in unemployment. Funds that can be used to create employment are embezzled and even investors shy away from setting up their business due to corruption levels and thus jobs are not created. Lastly terrorism which is the terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government raises unemployment. Because of terrorism people avoid going out and getting jobs. When factors like bribery, nepotism and injustice become common in a society they lead to unemployment. (16 Sentences)Lack of many factors can be the cause of unemployment. Firstly the shortage of industry in a country can also lead to the shortage of jobs. The location of most industries is very uneconomical which also leads to industrial unemployment. Secondly lack of health is also a very big cause of unemployment. A healthy mind needs a healthy body, lack of health does not permit the energy needed for doing a job. Thirdly due to lack of technical education people are not able to get jobs. There is no awareness regarding technical education and its importance due to its absence a lot of people are not able to get jobs. Fourthly money is needed to start industries and other job opportunities. The lack of money does not permit the chance of starting any businesses which results in unemployment. After that the lack of knowledge has caused a lot of unawareness about employment.Due to this unawareness people do not know what they wish to do or what job they wish to get. Then the lack of jobs is the main cause of unemployment. Unavailability of opportunities and the shortage of industry leads to the lack of jobs which leads to unemployment. Lastly the lack of opportunities rises when the job is present but people for the job are not or the people present are not skilled enough. Proper training should be given so people can seek our opportunities. Shortage of technical education, knowledge, money and industry causes unemployment. (16 Sentences)Many influencing factors which when not kept under observation lead to unemployment. Firstly due to political instability investor hesitates to invest. It creates less opportunity of employment and results in unemployment. Secondly underdevelopment in countries results in unemployment. These countries are not developing and hence do not have enough job opportunities. Thirdly the government should set a merit eliminate the nepotism and favoritism. Employment opportunities should be provided in accordance to skill and ability. Fourthly the fast growth rate of population should be controlled. Due to population control there will be more employment opportunities and less unemployment.Then in the past century technology has advanced to a great level. Machines are much quicker and very economical and due to these reasons a lot of machines have replaced man which has resulted in unemployment. After that improper government policies lead to unemployment. The government should be more careful while making these policies. Lastly economic policies are the policies set by the government in economic field. These policies are usually very problematic and seldom useful and can result in unemployment. Therefore these policies and factors must be periodically monitored. (16 Sentences)There are many causes of unemployment some are due to the negligence of the government and some are due to our own negligence. We all must try overcome unemployment. We must do our duty to spread awareness must be spread about these causes so that more and more people can know about them and so that more people can try to overcome them. Unemployment is very harmful for an economy it should be overcome at all costs. (76 Words)