Causes of Poverty Essay Sample

Warfare Effects Poverty LevelOur modern-day world is developing in a spectacularly ferocious speed in the technological spheres. However, these marvelous advances do not appear all over the world. While scientists create artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, nanotechnologies, others virtually die from poverty. It is difficult to imagine that such an evident controversy exists between economically developed countries and many poor ones. Poverty is a global problem which has not been eradicated since the creation of humankind. People are born in various countries to suffer from the bad financial development of the country, civil wars, environmental disasters, or poor living conditions, and this causes the problem of poverty unless serious measures are taken.Bad Government Causes PovertyPoverty is connected with a lack of money. The financial side of the country is responsible for that. If there is an accelerating problem of corruption, unemployment, and low salaries, it is impossible to supply all citizens with a good income. Rebert Kiltgaad stated that the corruption is vehemently spread in monopolistic countries.Other consequences of poor government lead to unemployment. People become dependent on the social security money. Unless the country governance tackles the financial issues of its country, the nation will be doomed to poverty problem and hunger.One of the most inhumane ways to deprive people of profitable life is warfare. The statistics of the consequences of world wars are frightening. For instance, the United States America had to spend more than 20 billion dollars on anti-poverty programs.This sum is three times larger than the overall money spent on wars preparation (Sheffield & Robert para.1). Wars are the biggest human mistake. Unfortunately, even today they continue to leave whole nations in poverty and lead to millions of deaths. According to J. Avery, the estimated world budget spent on military services accounted for 2,157,172,000,000 dollars (para.1). It is hard to imagine how such enormous amount of money is spent on wars while almost 2 million people die each year due the lack of food.If the aforementioned causes can be resolved by men, natural interference is insurmountable. Hurricanes, rainfalls, droughts, floods lead to yield deterioration. Also, poor climate may impact health conditions. African tropical climate creates obstacles for the country development, and its surrounding land is not appropriate for growing food. What is more, this climate is suitable for deadly diseases such as malaria. As a result, billion people die, the fertility is low, the country does not develop, and the whole nation lives in poverty and fear of death.Low-income families don’t buy homes due to their high prices. Australian housing conditions is an example of it. According to ACOSS’ Poverty Report, there is a growing demand for housing because a proper living conditions influence the person’s ability to study and work. On the verge of two centuries Australian population rise in 13% while 8% of public homes is reduced (11). Unfortunately, the problem is not expected to be solved soon.People can stop extreme poverty if they stick to several strategies. Experts work to help alleviate poverty issue offer some long term solutions which are connected with the financial support of the developing countries. For example, a minimum wage rule can be created. This will help to level off the financial inequality. Politicians should spend more money on community services such as an annual medical check, free injections against local ailments, dental care, and others. Modern technologies allow anticipating the climate changes. Therefore, the countries which have problems with environmental issues can devote money to these technological installations.Poverty is a serious problem around the world, and usually, it refers to the lack of developed countries. If the financials rise and there is no corruption, the problem is likely to be eased up. Ending wars and political conflicts may also stop both global poverty and hunger. By solving housing issues, people will live in comfort and will be able to earn more money.Although the mentioned above solutions are not new, it seems that not all governments are ready to apply them. Maybe, it is high time the humankind reevaluates its moral values, and try to be more helpful towards those who are obliged to live in bad conditions, and even die because of poverty.