Causes of Heart Disease

Reference:How can we solve the problem of heart disease? It is important to answer this question because the heart disease have become the word diseases nowadays. There is various heart disease. Coronary heart disease is the most common type of the heart disease which can lead to sudden death from a heart attack. The cause of it is the gradual build-up of fatty deposits on the wall s of the arteries in your heart on which blood clots may from. These deposits cause the artery become narrow and make it harder to supply the oxygen and nutrients which cause people’s death.This essay will argue that the ultimate cause of heart disease are obesity, gene and air pollution. It is these causes that a true solution to the problem must address.The first cause of the heart disease is the obesity. Obesity is rampant in the United States and is becoming increasing in the world because of inexpensive foods and sedentary jobs.The reason that obesity causes heart disease is that obese persons have higher blood pressure than lean persons. Moreover, a higher blood pressure is a main risk factor that cause the heart disease. (Chobanian, 2003) Well-known complication of hypertension are CHD stroke, left ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure, and chronic renal failure. (Barrett-Connor E,1985). These studies show that the high blood caused by the obesity make people’s heart work harder which lead to the heart disease happened easily on the obesity people. And become the main reason people died by the obesity, because their heart can’t support such a huge body.Gene is the second cause for the heart disease, we call it congenital heart disease which is leading cause of gene defect in the Western world. “The major defects that cause congenital heart disease are thought to be mutations in regulators of heart development during embryogenesis” (Pierpont, 2007). The genetic component of congenital heart disease become concerned because it happened in a same family frequently. The gene defect causes the heart abnormal development during the embryogenesis, which lead to the heart dysfunction. ( Benoit G, 2008). 1 Human genetic studies have found numerous genes that are responsible for inherited congenital heart disease. It shows there are some special proteins that influence gene‘s expression. The fact of it is the proteins such as TBX5 and NKX2-5 which affect cardiac gene expression and lead to the heart disease and cause a lot of little baby died of the congenital heart disease. (Hiroi, 2001).Air pollution is another cause of the heart disease, air pollution is a heterogeneous, complex mixture of liquids, gases and particulate matter. According to Robert(2004)“Studies have showed a consistent increased risk of cardiovascular events in relation to both long-term or short-term exposure to present-day concentrations of ambient particulate matter.” Small unfiltered particles in the air may accumulate in blood vessels even block it which can lead to the terrible consequences such as heart disease or stroke, both of them can lead to sudden death. Besides, they enhanced coagulation which lead to vascular occlusion, a propensity for arrhythmias, systemic inflammatory responses, acute arterial, and the chronic promotion of atherosclerosis. Air pollution also inject a stimulus into the air which can indirectly stimulate the heart and cause the heart disease. According to these evidences of how air pollution causes the heart disease you can avoid it earlier.In conclusion, nowadays people should pay more attention to their own health, because most of the disease are caused by people’s habits in their daily life, such as their food, sleep, and work. During the past decades the heart disease have become more and more common in our daily life. It causes by obesity, gene, air pollution, may be add the alcohol, work stress and other reasons that didn’t find by the scientists. If we understand that these are the causes then we can address the problem at source. Therefore, care about our health, it’s equal to care about your value families.