Causes of Happiness

Happiness is fluid, with peaks and troughs, like a mountain range. Happiness is something that has to be earnt and is not automatic and for each individual person, happiness means something different. Happiness in the modern world can be difficult to find it is often difficult to find true happiness. It is possible to find happiness in the following places; family, health, and good education.Firstly, the family provides comfort and security and I believe that in order to find happiness and satisfaction in life you need the love, safety, and comfort that family offers.Family is the one place that you can find love and care at all times. You can be inspired and motivated by family and I like to meet my family as often as possible because I know I will always have a good time, with a lot of laughs. It is often the small things that mean so much and are so inspiring, such as a cup of tea or playing a family game.Another important aspect of feeling happy is to engage in regular exercise, as this can reduce anxiety and can make you feel high and self-confident. Exercise can make you feel really good about yourself and that is a feeling that everyone can aspire to.Finally, if you don’t feel good about yourself you will have a similarly negative attitude towards others and education is one way of having good self-esteem, as it helps you to live life successfully and happily. Education is one way of getting that dream job and education is an essential cog in the wheel to living comfortably and happily. One English survey that included over 15,000 participants revealed that 81 percent of people who had achieved a good level of education had a high level of life satisfaction.In conclusion, it is important to note that everybody finds happiness in different places and that each individual should look carefully at what makes them happy. Everybody is different and feeling positive and happy has to come from within each individual.